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Welcome everyone. I wanted to get my blog going again to let you know I’ll be here every week with my impressions of what’s going on in each episode and with the “off air” drama that surrounds the show. I want you all to know you have an alternative place to turn to for the real inside scoop because frankly, a husband’s perspective that has been associated with the show for three years will be unique. So you can expect my thoughts every week.

Some people say that when you decide to go on television you can’t hide what’s true about you anymore. They call it “dirty laundry.” In the early days, I would have thought this was true, and it was fine with me because I had nothing to hide. There was nothing in my past to conceal, and all my dealings both personal and business have always been aboveboard. So I thought, what do we have to lose? What will they find, that I pay my taxes, raise my children, went to Bible school, have my degree in theology, have successful business ventures, and that I’m married to Alexis? So I took no issue with putting myself in a potentially vulnerable position.

Then people started to have opinions about me—how I look, how I dress, about my relationship, my faith, and so on. None of these bothered me because I knew “fans” would take sides and like who they identified with. If they identified with someone who is the antithesis of me, I thought, then their opinion of me may not be good, but who cares? It’s an opinion based on surface-level things like looks, money, where I live, and other superficial things.

But then things took a turn for the grotesque. I consider myself to be a sharp mind in most cases, but I now feel naive when looking back, only to realize I never considered that someone could or would fabricate things about me that are not about my looks or my faith, but about far more serious aspects of me as a person, as a business man, as a US citizen, as a MAN. In going through recent Internet searches for my name, I have found stories that have shocked and awed me—I have unveiled preposterous claims. But what’s worse is that these aren’t mere claims or things a person is writing saying they “think” I did. Someone has been bold enough to suggest in a factual manner that I have done things I never did and never would do. Imagine this being you and trying to live your life day to day and every time you say your last name or hand out a business card you worry that the few people who are slandering you are the ones given credibility.

For example, there are accusations I changed my last name to conceal my past. Nothing could be further from the truth. My birth name is James Carlos Bellino. My last name is now, and has always been Bellino. And for the record, those who claim I changed it to sound “Italian,” I have never hidden my heritage, but by proclaiming that truth I find myself feeling like President Obama arguing the “birthers”—the more evidence he shows that he IS American, the more people try to dig to find he is not.

Other outrageous accusations are so foul that if the persons who were putting them online were exposed the way a reporter would be, they would be charged with defamation of character, libel, and slander. But these persons choose to conceal themselves under the guise of fake blog names and cheaply thrown together websites that only rank well because they’re using my name as a keyword searchable in Google. You can attach anything to a popular name in Google, and it will begin to rank. Just pick any famous person’s name and add “drugs” or “pregnant” or “divorce”—you’ll find it whether it’s true, real, accurate, or a total lie made up just to get you to a website. Why do people make such false statements and then hide????

Tonight, my wife will be on the air in the premiere episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, season 7. I know that even though I have chosen not to be a part of filming most of the season, the onslaught is on its way. Why? Because the more Alexis forges a space for herself and an identity for herself, the more we both go under the microscope. At one time, as I stated before, I would not have been bothered by anything that “came out” because we didn’t sign on to do reality TV with our eyes shut—we knew we would be liked by some, and not by others. And that’s okay. What’s not okay is for someone to literally invent false information out of nowhere and throw it on the web with the clear intention of destroying my reputation.

You can call me fat, old, weird, a Jesus freak, whatever. Those things are subjective and I never intended to be loved by the entire world. But as we delve further into season 7, I would urge you to consider the source when reading information about me or anyone else for that matter. The backlash we have experienced because of our success was partly due to putting ourselves out there, but it is also largely due to total lies published by those who, if they knew they had a leg to stand on, wouldn’t be hiding behind anonymous blogs and websites.

This season is a wild one, but both Alexis and I have taken off our rose colored glasses. We’re not going to be blindsided by any of the nuttiness that reality TV brings because now I think we can safely say we’re veterans. Most of the time you won’t see me mixing it up at any parties or gatherings on the show, but if you don’t know why by now, you haven’t been paying attention to the treatment my name has gotten, nevermind me as a human being.

I leave you with this question: Why would women who disapprove of me so strongly continue to talk about me on camera at every possible chance? I left this show a year and a half ago, and some people (those who “hate” me and “can’t stand” me) talk about me more now than when I was physically there—all of this has been unprovoked and without my saying anything in return. The days of me laying down and taking it to save face are over. Yes, I chose to be on a reality show, but I did not choose to be crucified, and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to drive me to my grave.

In the end, one might say, “Why did you choose to speak now?” To be honest, as a Christian we are taught to turn the other cheek—but I’m out of cheeks to turn.




**Disclaimer about comments: I will gladly post any comments from any point of view as long as they are not profane or abusive**
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Comments on: "RHOC Season 7 Begins: I’m Out of Cheeks to Turn" (73)

  1. Amanda said:

    I think you two are great at what you do and if spend a lot of your time on trying to combat these sorts of things you will never get anything done. Keep being yourself.

  2. Jaime said:

    wow. I am going to be very honest with you Jim, I don’t agree with a lot of things that I have seen you say on the show, but I commend you for speaking out in defense of yourself. I have respect for you and I appreciate your honesty.

  3. Barbara Etheridge said:

    God Bless you! So sorry to hear that this happened to you! I have spoken with Alexis on twitter and she is a lovely lady. I too am a Christian and appreciate who you are and what you both have to say about your faith. Hang in there!

  4. Joely said:

    I got your back Jim u r cool

  5. Alison toubeaux said:

    I think you are a stand up guy; a bit over protective of your wife but really a great guy. What I don’t get is why as Christians you and your wife would participate in a show that causes you to behave in non-christian ways like gossiping and lying? Once she lied on where you were because you didn’t want to be around the group. Still you are my favorite guy on the show! The best 2 u

  6. yvonne said:

    excellent blog! very well written.

  7. Amen! I don’t read trash-i always make sure my source is credible, sad America has gotten lazy on what they read. Knowledge is power. The only truth can be found in the Bible these days. Prayers for your family as you endure the backlash. RIdiculous. Your the only family on the show thats decent and strong in there faith-a rarity in CA, a rarity today.

    • and I am born and raised in CA, a non denominational Christan, with a wonderful Godly husband like yourself and 3 beautiful kids under the age of 3. Love watching Alexis! So sad you are not in the show more Jim.

  8. raana said:

    Hey jim & alexis are my absolute faves I see you guys at freechapel and really admire the way you guys are on/off tv. Don’t worry what others think. God bless. Xo

  9. Tiffany said:

    Jim, anyone who judges a person by the ” hour” each week that they see them, is not worth your time worrying about! These people who blog and make up stories about you and your wife, are just miserable in theirs and have nothing better to do! As for the ” some” of the wives on the show who bash you and your beautiful wife, well that is plain and simple……. THEY ARE JEALOUS!!! Just always remember: Live your life, love your family and stay true to who you are and you will be just fine!

  10. Jim (and Alexis) – GOOD for you! It’s been disgusting to see people on the show throw you both under the bus b/c you’ve chosen to have a marriage that is biblical and honor the Lord, albeit, never perfect! A saying we have in our family is, “The enemy of a lie is time”. Time will tell – and tell the truth.

  11. Faith Woodley said:

    I think you and Alexis are great. We need more Christians on reality tv to keep it real!! I actually did not know the reasons why you were not on the show anymore due to the fact that I am up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and half the time my PVR has been recording repeats of the show since summer. I am looking forward to the new season!! I love your blog and respect the fact that you took a stand and used your voice! I agreed with what you said.

  12. Angie said:

    Love love love this blog. This is so true. I would probably be the same way you are as far as people making up far fetched accusations that are in no way true.

  13. Joe Wilson said:

    Jim; be encouraged! Don’t let them break your stride. You are doing a good thing and you and Alexis are a light to many. Never forget that you have a hope and a shield; a strong tower you can always run to. Many prayers are with you, friend.

  14. Very awesome blog, keep your head up! I know how crazy it can get here in the OC.

    They are talking about you to get reaction from Alexis, for more problems, for more views. :P Unfortunately it’s all about money, views and fans when it’s comes to reality television, no matter how much fun it may seem…

    God Bless you and the family… Much love from around the corner :P You both are truly love.

  15. Gods Blessings today and always for you and your family!! Love you both. you too are what we need more of you have values, todays world there are no more values. As long as you have God you have everything. P.S. When are you coming to chicago.

  16. Sheil said:

    I love the relationship you and your wife have. As long as you hold your head high and know that the women who are talking about you are old, single and jealous of the way you treat Alexis. They wish they had half of you in their lives.

  17. Love love the blog and I love you both!! I have great respect for you both and I feel so blessed to have you both apart of my life.


  18. Jamie said:

    Very well said,your point came across with out calling anyone out or using crude language.Being from orange county I know how people around here can pick at you until your breaking point so good for you for sticking up for you and your family. I’ll be tuning in each week!

  19. jessica cascio said:

    Jim, this is what I admire of yourself and Alexis. You are real and true to your word. You do not do or say things for people to like you. You both consistently stand by your values and beliefs.


  20. Karen Mc said:

    Proverbs 26:26 NIV

    Their malice may be concealed by deception,
    but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.

    Don’t stoop to their level. Keep the Faith!

  21. diana said:

    Good for you Jim!

  22. AThompson said:

    Jim, I have wathched the show for a couple of years and I have absoutely never ever wrote to put an opinion on here. I think that you and Alexis have shown nothing but class and dignity and the only persons opnion that matters is not on this earth Hes up above! Hang in there and dont let the haters get to you. I think ALexis would be the only female on the show I could even imagine being friends with. You both are high class and most important is the way you both are with those beautiful children! Good Luck:) A fan in Indiana

  23. Patty said:

    I agree with you 100% Jim. As Christians we are taught to tolerate more than others but sometimes you can only take so much. We are human beings first and foremost and we have he right to say enough is enough.

    Personally I cant stand the women on that show, the only ones I like are Alexis and Gretchen. The others act as if they are gifts from heaven and should be worshiped! I dont think so!! It doesnt matter how much money you have, how big your home is, how fancy your car is. What matters is how you live your life and how you treat other people. Personally, I chose to follow God and even though my path is a difficult one, it is my path and my life. No one, has the right to judge me for any of the things I do except God.

    May God bless you and your family


  24. Gemma said:

    Sadly, I know exactly what you mean about being slandered. An ex told such vile lies about me that I had to leave my job. Now, I, too, worry each time I hand out my business card as I try to make it in a new career – even as new lies pop up. All I can do as a Christian is to forgive and hold my head up high (or try to). Best of luck to you and Alexis – in God, all things are possible.

  25. Angel said:

    Jim – I admire the fact that you have decided to address all the crap out there and finally put it to rest. You and Alexis are my favorite. My father was a minister, I was raised in a christian home, I later worked in the ministry and I am not perfect. Sometimes I say things I shouldn’t, sometimes I judge people when I know better, sometimes my skirts are a little too short and a little too tight, sometimes I fall short of the Glory of God yet he loves me anyway. Isn’t that a great feeling? To know that he loves us in spite of ourselves and if he loves us and forgets our sin as far as the east is to the west, and if our father can do then we don’t need anyone else’s approval. Keep on keepin’ on. I pray you and Alexis’ stay strong and united.

  26. Rebekka said:

    I absolutely love you and Alexis on the show! I admire your strong values, your faith, your marriage, and the way you carry yourselves. People bash others because they are jealous. Keep doing what y’all are doing, and good for you for standing up for yourself and your wife. Can’t wait to see what the season brings!

  27. Texas said:

    Well said JIm….i personally feel sorry for the women that continuously slander, talk bad about, or belittle others on the show, they certainly don”t realize that they”re only making themselves look bad!…I sure hope you never let the media get to you…………be happy, live your life, and keep the faith…………

  28. kerri said:

    Jim, I must say I didn’t really care much for you in season 6 but after reading this I’m wishing you were in season 7! Not for the drama etc but maybes so you could tell some of these woman to there faces. I agree majority of them spend their time bitching about eachother, there families, husbandsn slight aquantances and they forget what’s going on around them, in there own lives. Such as divorce, bankruptsy, affairs…I find it hilarious and atleast your being the bigger person, havnt named names…havnt bitched.
    Good luck in your future x

  29. AMEN!! Nothing but respect for you!

  30. Sarah said:

    It is unbelievable how any person can go on the web and write whatever they want about a person and people believe it!

    But- putting yourself on tv through this reality show increases criticism and a slew of other problems that can jeapordize your marriage, finances, mental health and integrity. Why do it? Is fame worth it? Are you proud of how you’re depicted on the show, real or fake? More importantly, do you believe you’re setting a good example for your kids?

    Think about it.

  31. Mary ellen said:

    Good for you Jim:) love you guys.

  32. jim,i loved reading your blog.alexis and family have been my fav.since season 5 when you both came to the oc.i can only imagine what you both have went through.we are christians and my husband and i have been married 30 years.we are in are not think the devil will not fight you harder if you love the lord.i do not twitter or facebook.but writing possitive things on blogs about you and alexis.some one already said. o she is on here so much.maybe she is going to stalk dum.we are a couple in love with the lord.some nay-sayers just do not like it when i speak about you both being true.i would not say bad things about the other wives.i can speak.alexis is a good friend and person.keep the faith and tamra is just being a trouble maker.that is the only thing i have ever said.we as christians pray for her.i think maybe vicki will give her heart to the lord.she looks happier and younger.thanks bellinos!

  33. BRAVO Jim Bravo (no pun intended) I totally agree w u, people would have to be insane to have a questionable background and then go on TV. I like everyone on the show I see the good and bad in all of them but I have to be honest and say u and Alexis get the raw deal for know reason..look forward to ur blogs finally a Husbands perspective;)

  34. Chrissy Francis said:

    Jim, my fiance and I met you and Alexis for a very brief moment in Las Vegas last year at the Paris hotel. You were genuinely the kindest man and Alexis the sweetest, a very warm and kind couple. I watch this show for the entertainment value but I know that its just that. I met the real Jim and Alexis and first impressions are only made once. You both are the highlights of RHOC; kind, generous and strong in your faith in God. You cant win them all because they all will find a flaw. But in my heart I know I met the REAL stars on this show. God Bless!! xoxo


  35. Jim, I must admit I often thought why a christian couple would be on a show like the HW, after all what does light have to do with darkness. I questioned your faith and I am so sorry. Who am I but a sinner and I had no right to judge. I am sure you prayfully thought it through and as you know, Christians are still being persecuted in may different ways. I pray God will protect you and your family!

  36. Don’t be shy Jim, you still have 2 more cheeks you can turn ;)

  37. Jim,
    Your a good man. I worked next to your pool store and took pics of your car for you. Go get them and love your wife

  38. That’s awesome bud, good for you! I wish I could say that to peoples faces

  39. Cheryl said:

    Very well written! It seems to me like this is bullying for adults. It’s terrible what jealousy and judgement does. Alexis seems to be one of the few well-balanced women on the show. Very sweet and down to earth. I really hate how people judge you as well.

    I look forward to your weekly posts.

  40. Jennifer said:

    I believe you and Alexis are the most real of all the people on the show. I can hardly watch anymore due to all the negativity the girls bring to good people’s names, like you and Alexis, and various others. It is sad, and ugly and gross, and I wish you and Alexis the best, you two will always make it through, no matter what people say…It is sickening how people gossip, especially on this premier, I wont name names but I’m sure you know who. I wish your family the best and know that us viewers do know the good side :)
    God Bless

  41. Just keep standing for Jesus until the end!!!

  42. Ashley said:

    This is very well written. You are missed on the show by so many of your fans. People with half a brain know that those accusations are false.

  43. Jessica said:

    Bravo is trying to make u and Alexis look bad because u r Christian. Like bring in a new girl who doesn’t like her. I want to let u know I have ur back and God is there. Btw congrats to Alexis on her live segment on Fridays! Remember don’t forgive 7 times but 70 times. When u break satan wins and that can lead to regretted actions to see on tv! Love what u guys represent and Im on ur side!

  44. Amanda said:

    I don’t blame you for speaking out Jim. You have a right to defend you and your wife. I was floored by Peggy and Tamra tonight. Made me and many friends of mine think less of them. It’s very obvious they are out to start drama. Keep being the wonderful couple y’all are and ignore the ignorant people on the show. Alexis has always been one of my FAVS!

  45. You have EVERY RIGHT to speak up especially when hurtful words are coming at you and your family! You would think that by now people like Tammera or Vickie would be so humbled to not say anything ABOUT ANYONE especially after what they have been through! My question for Peggy is “If you were such a good friend, why (years later) do you feel the need to bring up your dating past? You are a wife & a mother and where is your respect for your husband?” Love you guys & keep the faith :)

  46. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jim during the filming of the show and found him to be intelligent, charming and instantly likable. This blog is consistent with that and if you have the opportunity to meet or work with him Im sure you would feel the same. He obviously has a beautiful wife and gorgeous children and I feel very good things are coming his way in the near future.

  47. elaine holifield said:

    Jim, I have to commend you for speaking out and trying to shed light on your version of the story. Of course there are those that spread lies/rumors either to make themselves look better or just plain old jealousy.

    It’s not for any of us to judge the way one choses to live their lives but it is hard to take these ladies seriously when what we see is a lot of drinking and partying, backstabbing one another, and I wonder by the way these ladies dress is this for the camera’s or is this for real. They all have great bodies but come on Jim, I can’t believe you nor God approve of this. I guess what I’m trying to say, yes I know we only see a tiny part of your lives but wouldn’t you agree actions speak louder than words.

    I don’t blame you for staying behind the scenes and totally understand why you do.

  48. Denise said:

    Well said.. I happen to like your wife. I enjoy watching her on the show.

  49. If the accusations aren’t true, take them to court. I don’t believe a word that you say.

    • How do you take someone to court when you have no idea who they are? People hide behind anonymous IP addresses and names online so there’s no way to link them to what is being said. Please reread the blog so you understand better.

  50. carol said:

    Well written , for sure you have my respect !! thanks for being real.

  51. MaggieG said:

    I’m not certain how I feel about you but definitely think you have every right to feel indignant about the bile that comes out of Tamra’s mouth. As you have stated, everyone is entitled to their opinion but no one is entitled to fabricate in order to validate that opinion.

    In view of the obscenity that Bravo has passed off as a second season of RHOBH I think your comment is an appropriate indictment:
    “… and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to drive me to my grave…”

  52. Rebecca said:

    Jim, if u ever need a minister to talk with, my husband is a Methodist minister. I know u have your own, but if you ever are in need of a new ear or voice you can always call my husband Brad! The media wants and try’s to hurt others and create whatever they can to create more drama. You and Alexis are in my prayers! I think it awesome you both are strong Christians, and are outspoken about your faith! Be strong and turn to Christ when others bring you down!

  53. Ariane said:

    Jim, i agree with you 100%! I wish you were still on the show though, but i can see why you chose to limit yourself to that kind of exposure.
    I found you to be charming, funny, a wonderful husband & a good family, business driven guy! You dont excude a shred of whats been maliciously & falsely said about you. You didnt deserve to be bashed for your faith or your values.

    Alexis is my favorite, shes truly wonderful. I couldnt believe on last nights episode that
    the women continue to put her down. Shes a beautiful mommy/wife & business women who deserves success. Im glad shes ventured into the fox hosting gig – shes great & so are you. Keep your head up!

  54. Buck Henry said:

    Jim you have every right to counter all those remarks about you and your wife that those ladies have said about you. It seems most of them are borderline slander if not a straight out lie. I don’t know why those others can’t accept other people to their group easily without bashing them.

    God bless you.

  55. I understand completely.As a Christian,I don’t think that turning the other cheek means letting others walk all over you.To the Romans, turning the other cheek was actually an insult to them.Jesus was not weak and was outspoken.Glad you and Alexis are strong in your Christian faith.It’s about deeds and faith and no one should judge your faith based on your luxurious lifestyle!

  56. Jim Bellino, it’s great to see how you have overcome the different adversities life has thrown at you. You are a role model for many of us, not only in business, but in life. It seems like you have a firm grip on the reality that a man’s worth is not in his pocket book, but in the relationships he builds and maintains. I’m glad you came here to set the record straight.

  57. kathy said:

    i love you ur wife and family on the show. jealousy is what drives the haters ur rich and successful and ur wife is by far the hottest. this drives them to say such hurtful things, because they have no other way to make themselves look better. in reality, ur winning…where are they?!?! NOWHERE.

  58. Lorraine said:

    I adore you and Alexis. Certain women are very jealous of you both and your happy marriage. A strong faith often makes others uncomfortable and they do and say awful lies. I fear it will only get worse for you both. But stay strong in your faith and marriage.

  59. Great post!

  60. Its a dog eat dog world Jim, living in OC you should have this down by now. Weather or not your on TV you should know that you don’t have to explain yourself to ANYBODY. Except the big man upstairs!
    Being an OC native I learned that the people who really make a difference in this world are the ones who never have to explain themselves or the motive behind their actions. If it is God driven… will drive on it’s own, and His work will be seen as HIS work, and nobody can take credit for that but him!
    No longer behind the orange curtain

  61. Alice said:

    Luv u and Alexis and ur family u guys are great i think we all know jealousy is a disease in which some need to get well!! God Bless u guys I like u guys the best out of all on the show:))

  62. Hey Jim! Just wanted to put this out there… Look what they did to Jesus hanging on that cross… You can endure it all from others… You can have 100 cheeks to turn but one day they will see and know the truth! Your never along, He will never abandon you or forsaken you!!! This is a great gateway to spread the word… This is your mission don’t lose focus!!!

  63. Jessica said:

    Yeah, remember like the bible says ur actions affect ppl around u . It affects viewers and even ur children. So just expose the lies and state the truth, no need to challenge or insult, be blameless. Pray ur enemies find love. Even tho it’s easy for me to worry, I like to focus on God’s blessings. Remember u have a beautiful family and a loyal God.

  64. I’m so glad you wrote this. As Christians, we are often held to ridiculous standards, and pushed to the brink. Then people are shocked and appalled when we do hold our own! We are not called to subject ourselves to falsifications of character, and I am glad that you are writing this. You have lots of love and support coming your way from Columbus, Ohio!

  65. Kellyz said:

    This is truly eye opening. Good for you Jim, you fight those bastards and Ms. Piggy like a bengal tiger. Give em all ya got! I ain’t christian so I got no issue turning zero cheeks and givin it to em with both barrels!

  66. Allison said:

    Jim, I will be honest, I wish you were on the show.. because you are who you are and that is what is so refreshing! I really enjoyed watching you, Alexis, and your family as a group on the show because I as a newly wed respect so much the dynamics and your communication in your marriage and listening to how one responds to reactions or situations as a family. I feel we all can learn as well as be guided by how to have a wonderful marriage. Alexis mentioned I think season 1 anout how to stay true to yourself and your partner by not putting ones self into a situation where mistakes or negative consequences could happen, the fact that I am reminded and have followed this comment, means your “techniques to a healthy and strong” marriage has effected me in such a positive way. Thank you!

  67. Maxine said:

    Thank you for your re-freshing comments, I must admit Alex isn’t my cup of tea but as a mother myself of 3 children 2 of which are twins mine are much older,,I find her to be an excellent mother who always puts her children first, I wish you both and the kiddies well in the future xx

  68. Jim,
    I absolutely love your blog. After Russell’s tragedy you would think these women would have enough sense to BACK OFF with the character assassinations. But no such luck….
    Looking forward to your next blog. Please address for Peggy’s ridiculous attention seeking methods. It is painful to see people not getting this. Much love to you, Lex and the children. God bless!

  69. Yince said:

    No guy should be in this position b/c he loves his woman. Keep getting the real story out there. Your writing is telling us more about the truth than we’ll ever see on the boobtoob. You have our support all the way.

  70. This is awesome. GO JIM!

  71. Katia77 said:

    Wow! Good Blog Jim! btw.. i don’t think you are fat, ugly, or weird.

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