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The title says it all. This is going to be a pretty raw entry.

I thought when I decided to step back from the show and let Alexis do her thing, I would be allowing the best things for her life while I went back to what I do best: business. Instead, I am more the topic of discussion now than when I was part of the show.

Without provocation, I have become the whipping boy of Orange County. Could it be because I chose to leave the show? What do you think? I can understand now how a man could do harm to himself in these shoes. It’s not an easy thing to be on TV in the first place, but like I said in my last blog, it was a decision we made with our eyes open. SO I THOUGHT.

But now I can’t believe the reality of reality TV. Imagine what it would be like to be watching a show you knew millions of people were watching at the same time while people who you’ve not uttered one word about drag your name through the mud with pure enjoyment.

Coming from the place of hurt that I am in, and knowing the things I know from living here and being on the show, it would be so easy for me to blast those who have INTENTIONALLY tried to assassinate my name and character. It would be so easy but it’s not worth it. If I do, I become just like them, and that is the very reason I stepped back from the show. At the end of the day, I have to answer to God, and I know it wouldn’t sit right with me to try to tarnish the names of these women as they have done to me.

In one tiny segment of a TV show, my entire self worth and good name were put on trial for no reason and in a completely unwarranted fashion—and in a setting where there was no way for me to stand up for myself. What would you do? Would you fire back? Would you try to devastate another person? What makes someone your opponent is your decision to lend credence to their thoughts and actions. You have to engage someone for them to officially be your opponent. You couldn’t play a game if there was no one there to play against, and that’s who I had thought I had made myself by leaving the show, but once again, I thought wrong.

But that’s the point, isn’t it? This is a game. Instead of basing things on facts or dealing with reality, TV caters to the need for a storyline, a catch, a hiccup, that moment that everyone watching in the room gasps simultaneously. I have become the reason for that gasp. In fact, for a few days after watching this episode, I was devastated. But I am a big boy and its time to pull up my bootstraps and move on.

There is a nationwide dependence on drama, and an epidemic need to destroy real human beings. Many of you have been commenting about the fact that I should have told Alexis about prior relationships, so I would like to respond and give you the FACTS…


I am a real human being. The accusations tossed around so cavalierly about me tonight made me shudder—not just for myself and my wife, but because of the basic premise: Anyone can be made to seem like a kind of monster if he or she has enough enemies on reality TV. Whether you’ve earned those enemies or not means nothing—because in the end, decisions about your imagined (not real) character will be decided based upon any information given on air—no matter how inaccurate, false, or outrageous the claims may be. In an effort to explain to everyone the facts I have created a facts page to let you decide what the truth is. PLEASE CLICK HERE to read the Jim Bellino Bio.

What’s funny is that I could easily sit here and do the same thing—I could very easily tell you stories about these women that would change how you perceive them, just as they have changed how I am perceived. But after reading this I hope you will realize why I have chosen not to play the game. It’s beneath me. And no matter how far escalated the accusations get, I will not stoop to their level—not for reality TV, not for fame, not for fortune, and not for anything else.

As humans, we are driven to react initially without thinking—in an animalistic fashion we very frequently attack viciously—AND BELIEVE ME, AT THIS POINT, I WANT TO ATTACK VICIOUSLY. But this is not what God wants. God wants us to WAIT, and have a spiritual reaction, and by choosing this more mature way of dealing with things are born opportunities to heal and move on.

Calling someone disgusting because you don’t like how a TV show is working out for you is that animalistic response. Addressing real grievances appropriately after thoughtful consideration is the type of spiritual reaction I am trying to have now. Please don’t misunderstand me—I am not insinuating that I am spiritual, I am simply saying it’s the reaction I am trying to have. I have rewritten this blog 10 times so far and believe me, it started out “blasting,” but ultimately I just couldn’t let myself sink to their level.

When there is no story to tell, people invent one using what few splinters of a crafted reality they can to make it stick. But the only thing still standing when the smoke clears is the truth, no matter how long it may take that smoke to clear.

When you bless those who curse you, God shines his favor on you. It’s not always easy, but it is very rewarding. I hope God shines his favor on all the castmates, but I also hope the time for dragging my name through the mud is now over. All TV drama has an expiration date, and the one that makes me the scapegoat went bad a long time ago. Time to move on—even the fans are totally over it.


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Comments on: "The Attempted Assassination of My Character" (68)

  1. jmarie said:

    Well said Jim. Good for you. It takes a lot to be the bigger person.

    • Very well said, I feel so bad for you when watching the show ecspecially when they refer to alexis’s “waiting” on u and say your too controlling, i say that because alexis has a personality very similar to mine and I get it, u arnt the one making her get up to get stuff for u every two seconds, she does it because its the type of attentive wife n mother she is, im th same way, i’d rather b taking care of my family and their needs before i sit n take care of myself, I dont think ur controlling, alexis is just that attentive to u and the women that don’t get it are the women who are not attentive to their family or not as attentive i should say. I think you two are adorable together and it reminds me so much of my relationship with my husband. like I said you have to be that type of person to get it and a lot of people say the same things about us and they just dont understand how much women like us enjoy doing for and put ourselves lasdt but hey thats to bad for them because if they had half of the attentivness twoards their husbands as alexis does you mayb theyd still be married!! well i touched on just one of the many horrible things but so you know, there are many of us out there that do get it and the ones that don’t WHO CARES!! you two are my favorite keep smiling!

  2. Sierra Romaine said:

    Hey Jim and Alexis,
    Your blog is exactly what I needed to read, and thank you for your frankness and heartfelt honesty. I haven’t watched the show in two seasons, don’t know what the audience is seeing and don’t really care. it was your human reaction to feeling attacked that I respond to. I’m having a similar experience this week and what you said about God wanting us to WAIT was spot-on. Thank you. The reason I’m “fans” of you and Alexis is I have friends that live in Huntington Beach that you and Alexis remind me of. Alexis has always been gracious, friendly and down-to-earth with her fans and followers, including myself.

    Sierra Romaine
    San Rafael, Ca

  3. quincyil said:

    I recently met people who grew up with Alexis in Hannibal and they only had great things to say about her. I will be blogging the show and will try to be fair to all.


  4. Carrie said:

    Jim, what a great entry. They all are. Know that there are some of us out there who think you and Alexis are great! Most people need to also realize (as Alexis intelligently pointed out I believe last season) that God is the judge – NOT them. Stay strong and true to each other and you will shine.
    The Midwest loves you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tracy said:

    I have not seen tonight’s show, but agree with your comments completely. We do not know each other, but I greatly respect that you are waiting on the Lord instead of following your human response. Vengeance is mine says the Lord, and His Will will prevail. Hold on to the truth and know that it will outlast the lies. God bless you and your family. God uses all things to His good purpose and you will see that good will come of this. Stay strong in the Lord.

  6. christie said:

    Chacter assassination ? Isn’t that how this all started when Alexis
    tried to do that to Peggy at the reunion by calling her a stalker ? Sorry
    Jim but you and your wife have to take some responsibility for what
    is going on too. If Alexis did not accuse Peggy of stalking you and breaking into your house, no one would care that you dated Peggy
    at one time.

    • I will always welcome constructive criticism, but this comment makes no sense. What I am responding to is what Peggy’s vile mouth said about to me in tonight’s show. If you want to take up with Alexis what she said about Peggy, go to her blog on Bravo and comment there. I leave you with this question: What have I EVER said about Peggy publicly?

      • Wow cant believe how you are twisting this??….You said to your wife Peggy stalked you and broke into your house so you started all this…Oh and i highly doubt Peggy did that…Why tell a story like that?? You and your wife assassinated HER character….You my friend did it first!…What goes around comes around.

        • So based on your conjecture 16 years later, playing armchair detective, you’ll be the judge of what really happened Deb? You’ll just assume Peggy was in the right? Why, because you like her more than you like Alexis? These are women, not football teams to root for. No one told a story about anything. You say Alexis assassinated her name. Interesting. All Alexis did was read a text sent to her that contained factual data. Facts. Not opinions. Slander is based on lies and opinions. There’s nothing twisted about this but your own perception of the facts.

      • That is not the point, though. Your wife made everything you said about Peggy (stalking, B&E) public.

        • This series of accusations has been taken out of context on so many levels there’s no real way to know the truth about it anymore. Read between the lines: Delivery is everything.

      • Karen said:

        What have you EVER said about Peggy publicly? At the end of the reunion, you texted your wife, and she read it to everyone. It doesn’t matter what went on between you and Peggy nor does it matter how long ago it was. When confronted you initially denied it, subsequently owned it, and apparently it caused struggles in your marriage. Sorry, but I’m in the Peggy camp on who was responsible for telling Alexis because it was definitely not her place. However, it doesn’t give her the right to say the things that she did on last night’s episode. It’s an unfortunate situation that’s causing pain on both sides of the fence. When I find myself in a similar state of mind, I always try to remember Galatians 5:15 and realize that forgiveness is the only way to restore peace and joy.

  7. Nisey said:

    Hi Jim n Alexis,

    I totally agree w/ u. There are some really mean and cruel people walking on this earth. Let those ‘haters’ be your motivators! It may sound a little crazy but my mom has always taught us this; ‘if you’re not talked about then you’re not thought about’. They talked so badly about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and what we experience in our lives couldn’t begin to compare what he sacrificed for us. Always keep GOD first Jim. Don’t worry about the negative b/c remember GOD made you the head and not the tail and HE will prepare a table before for you in front of your enemies. I personally welcome people talking about me b/c my husband, my children, and my family, and true friends know my character.

    • Nisey said:

      Sorry for the long reply. I enjoy lifting people up and being positive so I get carried away :-)

      your sister in Christ

  8. I have admired Alexis from the start she’s a beautiful, smart, and courageous woman and a great mom! And I though you were funny yourself (your relationship remnded me a lot of how am with my husband, sarcastic and straightforward) and many people have told us that I “abuse” and “control” him to. LOL You just have to laugh about it and let it go. So there’s really no need to justify yourself Jim, what goes on between you 2 is totally private, if it works for you then nobody should be judging.
    Stay strong!

  9. Thank you for clearing things up in your own words. Do you regret putting you and your family in the public eye? I can’t imagine my life being picked apart. The arguing and bickering really freaks me out. Nothing like that happens with my friends.

  10. my jaw was on the floor. why would peggy be bringing you up in the way she did because she has a beef with alexis? totally separate issues and such BS the way she handled it and as for tamra don’t waste your breath. she is the most angry bitter old worn out leather faced jerk. you guys keep your heads up and let this go. will you ever come back to filming the show again?

  11. palmbeachangela said:

    Totally agree with Christie! Wasn’t Alexis holding up her cell phone quoting you when you claimed Peggy stalked you? Also, what’s with you deleting blogs against you? Does that stroke your ego? A verbal agreement about past relationships? I’d be mad as hell if my husband dated my friend and neither one told me! That’s just dishonest!

    • Which blogs have I deleted? Please tell me. if you’re talking about comments, the only ones I do not post are the ones that contain profanity and hateful language.

      • palmbeachangela said:

        On your last blog, I asked if you always give your young children protein bars for breakfast on Fridays and why you were not able to help your wife with at least as much as making the kids a bowl of cereal? My comment was deleted and it did not contain any profanity. Which brings me to the question, what is you definition of “hateful” language? Language or statements that don’t pump your ego?
        It is just my opinion but Alexis does appear very jealous of Peggy and draws more attention to the topic.

        • Your post is very confusing to me. I never deleted any comment you made. Perhaps it didn’t go through? No one’s comments are deleted–they go through admin and are accepted or denied there. First of all, who do you think takes care of the kids while she’s gone all morning doing the show in San Diego? ME.

          You see people, this is the very kind of minutia that haters will pick at you for. Have you seriously found so little else to complain about me that you have to attack what you THINK I feed my kids one day a week? The absurdity levels are now off the charts. Of course I feed my kids more than protein bars, but do you really think America is concerned about that?

      • palmbeachangela said:

        The master of deflection! My comment was not about what you feed your children, it was about what little effort was shown on your part to feed your children. You wonder why you have “haters” while the show is watched mostly by women.

        • palmbeachangela – Bravo didn’t show Jim and breakfast with his kids. I doubt it was filmed since Jim doesn’t want to be on the show anymore. How do we know what went on during breakfast that day? I think you are assuming things we can’t know because we weren’t shown.

      • palmbeachangela said:

        Did you watch the show? Alexis had to have everything measured out (sippy cups) and protein bars in line so when Jim’s alarm went off, he could just hand each child their breakfast. They showed Alexis in a rush trying to leave and do this. My point is that this woman was stressing out trying to do it all. Is it really that hard for a father to pour a bowl of cereal and a few sippy cups so Alexis didn’t have to stress out trying to get to her own job?

        This post was to agree with Christie and question why my other post asking why Jim couldn’t get breakfast for his kids to help out his wife was declined. The focus on the food is just a deflection away from my point.

        • I assume that Alexis did all that to be helpful, not because Jim would starve his kids if she didn’t.

      • palmbeachangela said:

        well now you’re assuming! I’ll just assume that was a verbal agreement they made in order for her to take the morning job.

      • This has to be one of the most ridiculous threads I’ve ever read on a blog. Get over it PalmBeach. Bravo doesn’t use a lot of happy or positive footage when they edit. Jim isn’t a part of the show. He’s not taped. And I’m pretty certain that he feeds his children. All by himself. If they did film a happy breakfast scene, viewers would be complaining about the “boring” episode.

  12. Denise said:

    These people are heartless Jim and will do anything for fame and money. It drives them insane that Alexis has it all over them in looks, money and true wealth which is happiness. Be with your family and your friends and forget these haters.

  13. Hi Jim!

    I am a huge huge fan of you&Alexis (have been hoping since season 5 you would somehow end up with your own spin off!) I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to be in your position. I will keep your family in my prayers; just remember those who matter know the truth.

    Ps- we’re birthday buddies (:

  14. downwarddawg said:

    JIm you have hardly been my fav person on any of these shows but I have to give you mad respect for throwing down. The chicks on OC are nuts bro.

  15. MartinaMakes said:

    OMG Peggy blaming postpartum and anxiety on how she handled herself? Let me tell you something. I have suffered from PPD through five pregnancies. Yes it sucks and its hard but I never ONCE used it as an excuse for being a jerk. You have to take responsibility for your actions. Doesn’t Alexis also suffer from PPD? And she just said she wanted to have lunch the VERY next day and that’s Peggy’s version of a blowoff? And then she brings up the FBI as if that has ANYTHING to do with anything being discussed? She needs to be seen by a professional not for PPD but for mental illness. Glad you are not having to be around them at least.

  16. Christina M said:

    Good on you Jim for sticking up for yourself in a respectable way. That’s not easy to do. Much respect from OR!

  17. Pegs says she doesn’t know what you would do to her if she had told Alexis. lmao she makes you sound like a hired killer. She has to be nuttier than squirrel poo.

  18. Maria Juarez said:

    wow i am impressed with what i have found out about you here Jimbo!!!! keep smiling and the lord on your heart!!!! you will get through this!!! keep up the good work and maybe u could even do a book about what it is really like on the inside!!!

  19. jim you to me are not me you are a man that loves his family.yes as men and women we want to be treated =but to me alot of women do not respect there gods eyes it is god man than the end that is all that matters.your wife is by far my fav.i only watch oc because of her.i love springfield MO we want to move 2 stay strong and do not let any one person or comments break you.lex very proud of you on the show are the bigger person and the lord will love you even more girl.

  20. Lisa Fetters said:

    Not impressed by Ms Tanous’ dive into the deep end to try to stay on the show. She could not have thrown you under the bus any harder! I honestly don’t know how you stand it without going totally off your rocker. She would have clubbed a baby seal to stay on RHoOC……

  21. Sherman Oaks said:

    Wow, I cannot believe she would retweet what haters of you guys have said. That seems really reaching. Too bad this friendship broke up but good for you for coming out with your side. A man has to have the room to defend himself.

  22. Rob Rumsey said:

    I personally have been guilty of making judgments of you in the past based solely on clips that were no more than 5 seconds or nasty remarks made by cast members of RHOOC. Your blog was very enlightening. My truth is, I can no longer watch that program after this evening. Watching Peggy leave the show tonight made me realize it is not pleasurable watching others be uncomfortable or in pain. I am NOT saying Peggy was right or Alexis is wrong, what I think is that regardless, it was a friendship undone and clearly there was sadness involved for all parties. God does not care who I think is the most popular or prettiest housewives, but I do believe he cares about how I judge people’s lives I watch on T.V. yet truly know NOTHING about. I wish continued success and health for your entire family.

  23. […] Just as an aside, last week I mentioned that Jim Bellino had started a blog in order to give his version of the Housewives from the sidelines.  This week he made a less than vague reference to Russell Armstrong’s death and how it may have been, at least in part, due to the cameras and the criticism from viewers.   I have some thoughts about his motives and his message.   I get the feeling that he holds himself in very high regard.  I have posted the link so that you could make up your own minds. […]

  24. YOU have been unfairly judged and its criminal what was said now that I look at your Bio page……….unreal what lengths people will go to to hurt those they dont even know. Best of luck to you and remember water off a duck’s back.

  25. Amber...Real Wife said:

    Great blog Jim. I’m a little shocked that you’re able to keep it clean with all the venom, hate and mud being thrown at you, so I KNOW your faith is great.

    The women, Peggy, Vicky and Tamra have a hate for you that is palpable. While Vicky and Tamra is just for the hell of it and vicious for being vicious, Peggy is DEFINITELY giving off the unresolved STALKER-VIBE! She campaigns and then goes on the show that her EX and his wife are on and doesn’t expect for the past to come up? Then we hear she kept asking you to ‘tell’ Alexis… come on! She definitely wanted your affair to have been a major part of her story line. She thought she’d make Alexis look like the jealous wife, meanwhile she came off as an unstable kook who was fixated on a man who obviously didn’t pay her any attention whatsoever. Once she realized that Alexis wasn’t going to play the screaming jealous banshee to give her airtime, and the other women were looking down their nose because of the secrecy, she left. She must’ve realized she could irreparably damage her marriage to shorty wop with the money issues and foreclosure. Throwing stones….

  26. Diane Carter said:

    Jim & Alexis,

    I applaud you for not stooping to their level. This is between the two of you and what was agreed not to share your past dating is so understandable. Everyone has past dates/loves and even some things we aren’t proud of. We are all just human. Thank you for being the better person and keeping with your faith! You have a wonderful family.

    Medina, Ohio

  27. Nicki said:

    I often wonder how God feels about reality T.V…….I am a Christian and was born and raised in a Christian home! I know how we were not allowed to watch TV as a chile, I just wonder how he feels about all of this nonsense and hurt brought on???

  28. Lynne said:

    I find it very sad that Alexis continues to be a part of this show if it is causing you so much hurt. The fact that you feel the need to write a blog explaining how people are trying to “assassinate your character” is very telling. I cherish my loved ones so much so that if I were a part of anything that caused them hurt and public scrutiny I would gracefully bow out.

    I must admit these shows are a guilty pleasure for me. With the stresses of my every day life it is nice to be able to sit back and watch some mindless television to escape my reality for an hour. I take these shows with a grain of salt and realize that the produces manipulate people’s characters to create drama and interest.

    As a piece of advice, I would not engage in people opinions this will only generate more conversations and people trying to tear you down. I think what bothers people about you and Alexis is that you try very hard to appear perfect. I think people would really respect you if you were to say “I messed up, I should have told my wife that I dated her best friend. I made a bad judgment call…etc.” I think people would cut you a break.

    Prayers to you, I would take my simple life over a tiny bit of reality tv fame any day!

    • Ultimately it’s Alexis’s decision whether she stays on the show or not and I will be supportive of whatever decision she makes regarding that. It is not her being on the show that has caused the mistreatment of my name–let’s be clear–it’s how my name has been dragged through the mud by individuals who are making a conscious choice to do it every time they do, and it seems to give them some kind of sick thrill to do so on camera. Alexis enjoys doing the show and I am not about to get in the way of her success–then THEY win, and I won’t have it that way. If I swap my desires for my wife’s happiness, what kind of man am I? She deserves what she wants in life. In the meantime, I am learning everyday, so this experience has been a great teacher to me. I do appreciate your concern and your prayers.


    • palmbeachangela said:

      Great Post…pretty much sums up my thoughts too!

  29. Are you rude to waiters? If so, not very Christian behavior. Hope that wasn’t a true statement…be honest, with us and with yourself. Thanks.

    • No, I’m not. Why would I be? Always be nice to people handling your food! In all seriousness, I have a great deal of respect for people in the service industry. I worked my way up in this world and I’ve worked hard to get where I am today. I don’t see any value in mistreating hard working people.

  30. Karen said:

    I’m a believer too, Jim. If it’s so awful, I have to ask you why in the world would you and Alexis make a decision to sign up for another season? Do you honestly believe that Real Housewives of anywhere honors God in any shape or form? When dealing with matters of self-introspection, the only question that should be truly asked is – am I glorifying God? When, Alexis, signed the Bravo contract, you had to know that you were subjecting yourself to public scrutiny. Maybe, the question that you should really be asking yourself is – is it all worth it? After the Russell Armstrong tragedy, I would hope that you realized that Bravo has little regard for its cast members. Seek God’s will in this, Jim. No one on the internet is going to give you an answer. Only He can. Pray and wait and don’t forget to listen. GB

  31. Jim, you and Alexis are a class act. The attack on you as a happily married, independent, Christian couple is so predictable and weak. I admire both of you for sharing your honest convictions about your relationship, your morals and values, and most importantly, your faith. It takes a lot of courage to be honest and open in the environment you are in right now. It’s ok to be a successful Christian, can we not pray for God to help us prosper and then in return, we can help others? It’s ok to be beautiful and have a nice house and be a Christian. The attack on Christians is the cross we must carry, but it will never compare to the one Jesus carried for us, and your reaction to these words of slander is just what they hate most – the honest, kind, patient, albeit difficult, words of a man of God. Good for you Jim. Blessings from Holland MI to you and Alexis and your beautiful family, stand strong.

  32. quincyil said:

    Jim, you need to have a right side bard widget so you can move around on the blog. If you go to bio, there is nothing to bring you back to this post.

    As you post on each episode, you will want to give your new visitors the opportunity to see earlier posts.

    For new visitors, you will find that Jim’s bio had documents that verify that Jim is truthful and many of the rumors are false.


  33. Mellissa McDowell said:

    JIm & Alexis

    Anyone that causes harm knowingly, you have to feel sorry for. Imagine living as that person, with that kind of hate and jelousy inside, Only God can judge. Im sorry you guys have to deal with such trash. Pray GOd can help them and he will.

  34. jackuelynne said:

    Hey Jim,love reading your blog! I have watched this show from the very first episode and Orange co. Is clearly my favorite.The women on this show are always looking for whipping boys and it seams its always you and Slade.Those who are jealous and dissatisfied are always going to find fault in those who are happy.Hang in there,keep your faith and keep your blog comming.

  35. Krista Maddox said:

    Hi Jim and Alexis,
    I have been watching the show for years and have loved you guys since you stepped onto the scene. I am a children’s pastor in GA and my lifestyle as a Christian is very similar to yours. My husband and I work very hard to make sure that Christ is the center of our lives and that we reflect that. People are always going to throw rocks. I’m sure that in Orange County, where money and appearance seems to be everything, the criticism is much tougher. You guys have a great opportunity to show that the Christian life isn’t about dressing in turtle necks, banning liquor, casting judgement, or any other stereotype that comes along with it. Hold your head up and continue to take a stand for what you believe. This is a huge way to share Christ and while some are casting stones your faith is causing lives to be changed. Keep it up!

    Krista M.

  36. Great blog! I definitely feel like the women on the show are overly judgmental and mean towards you and Alexis. I’m not religious at all, but I have no problem with yours and Alexis’ relationship or religion (though I do think the Jesus Barbie nickname is hilarious). There’s nothing wrong with being proud of one’s religious beliefs, or with two consenting adults wanting to have a “traditional” marriage. I have no clue why there are so many haters towards you and Alexis, but then again all the housewives have haters. Alexis has been one of my favorites on the show. Though I don’t agree with her on a lot of things, I find her to be fun, funny, and entertaining. I think she’s great for the show and provides an interesting perspective. I’m also very jealous that she’s in such amazing shape after 3 children. I’m not so sure why Peggy is so obsessed with you as she has her own husband.

  37. karen said:

    Reading that you had a verbal contract with Alexis not to discuss past relationships puts things in perspective. Perhaps Alexis should state this fact as well and not put the blame on Peggy because that is why people are jumping all over you–they believe a husband should be the one who is forthcoming with such details–and Alexis placing the blame on Peggy’s shoulders makes it appear that Alexis is being conned by you–which is clearly not the case if you had this verbal agreement.

    I think you made a great move not appearing on the show. I happen to love Alexis even though I feel they edit her as brainless. For some reason, Christians are fair game for relentless attacks while all other religious beliefs are protected by the “politically correct speech” police who run the media and shape the drama to create the messages they want planted in the minds of viewers. Lots of us have caught on to their deceptions.

  38. Shannon said:

    As a Christian living in orange county, I am confused by you and your wife not because of what other people say about you but by the things you both have said and done on the show. I would agree that your faith in Jesus Christ has made you both a target that would not occur if you were of any other faith. But, in general, the critism of both of you seems to come from the apparent conflict between your portrayed lifestyle and your professed beliefs. When it comes down to it these shows are all about conflict, with a focus on materialism and worldliness. I met a writer for a reality tv series recently who explained that story lines are developed and things whispered in the participants ears to create drama. This, combined with editing, obviously gets people to watch. In the end it’s not very real, although there are very real consequences. I feel badly that you and your wife are attacked but perhaps for the sake of your family and marriage it’s not wise for either of you to be on this kind of show. Across all of the housewife shows there is a real path of destruction because of the way women and men in them have been portrayed, leaving the real “reality” of devastated lives all for the sake of entertainment and money. I hope you will take this reply in the spirit in which was intended. God bless you and your family.

  39. Read your blog and thought it was so well written and showed how we all should act when situations like this happen in our lives. I wanted to leave you a comment and could not help but glance over the ones that were here already. It blows my mind the horrible things people are saying to you and Alexis. As if they personally know you and this situation. These people must have no lives and apparantly only want to live in this “reality tv” world they have created. To make comments about your marraige, to nit-picking what you serve your children for breakfast. I don’t know how you both handle the constant unprovoked bashing from castmates to fans. I am envious of the thick skin you both seem to have, but not only that, it shows your true character. So glad that you are on tv, we need more role models of Christian families and healthy marraiges. So, thank you for that. And, the reason I was commenting in the first place, was to let you know that my husband and I had the same stance when we got married. The past was the past, no need in looking back. We were creating a future together. So, just wanted to let you and anyone who does not understand when you said that, that you are not alone in that. God Bless

  40. ChicagoIL said:

    Jim and Alexis,

    I actually have a question that doesn’t really pertain to this blog. I am 27 and right after the holidays my parents let my siblings and I know that they are going to be getting a divorce. This is really hard for me and knowing that both your parents divorced I was wondering if you have any advice for me?
    With that said, I was wondering if you guys would ever consider doing an advice column? I personally admire your relationship and your faith. I think it would be cute if you both offered advice together, similar to this blogging format. -Thanks

    • So sorry to hear about your parents. That’s so sad after so many years. Divorce is always hardest on the kids no matter how old those kids are. Take heart and just know they your future and theirs is in God’s hands. Stay strong, I know that’s easier said than done. Pray and be there for both your parents and make a conscious effort not to take sides, they will both need you now, and you may even find yourself being more the adult in certain situations. We all have growth spurts in life, it doesn’t end in our teens, life is a school house until the day you die. God bless you and please feel free to reach out to us both on Twitter with how things are going. @JimBellino and @AlexisBellino

  41. […] woefully inaccurate. What REALLY happened was that Alexis and I had our agreement (as I stated in my last blog) but as SOON as we found out Peggy had been chosen for the show, I told Alexis that she and I had […]

  42. Katia77 said:

    I am really enjoying hearing your views Jim. I can only imagine how you must feel hearing hateful remarks about you and your wife. I sometimes think Oh my gosh is this for real? Are people really this rude?

    It was refreshing to see your view without playing the game. There is one monster in this show that seems to be showing her wickedness. Why she needs to have so much drama in her lifeis amazing, it truly is sad. It makes me believe that in order to make herself look good she thinks demeaning rude comments towards others work. I am talking about the one woman that claimed to be the HOTTEST wife in Orange County, I noticed that she isn’t claiming that anymore I guess someone put in front of the correct mirror. I mean seriously, who says stuff like that?

    I do hope you continue to blog. It is clear you love your wife, you love your family and you love God. Keep smiling!

  43. jessica said:

    I loved reading your blogs. I have to say they were very eye opening. I always wondered what it would like to be rich & famous… don’t most girls growing up? But after reading some of the previous comments of petty, nit picky, judging, pointless things… Makes you wonder what America would do Jim, if they knew that you farted. I mean seriously! I can tell you get frustrated as I’m sure anyone in your shoes would… But just try to step back and laugh.
    Sadly you can’t control it but you CAN control weather or not you let it have control over you.. at the end of the day its asl really negative energy!! Bite the bullet and really try to take a
    deep breath let it roll off your back.. And then put that energy into something positive.. Even if it is just flexing in the mirror to crack your self up secretly. ;)

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