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Before I get into this week’s blog, I want to address something so many of you have been talking about online. It’s one of those details that you forget about when you can’t see the forest for the trees. After this, I will lay this subject to rest permanently, but this has to be brought up as it was addressed by so many of you and brought up on the show (hopefully for the final time.)

I didn’t realize how many people were under the impression that Alexis did not know I had dated Peggy until she said something on the show. This is woefully inaccurate. What REALLY happened was that Alexis and I had our agreement (as I stated in my last blog) but as SOON as we found out Peggy had been chosen for the show, I told Alexis that she and I had dated (15 years ago.) So for anyone still laboring under the misconception that Peggy was the one to break the news to Alexis, this is simply not true. And that’s a wrap!

Now onto this week. I want to thank the tens of thousands of people who have visited this blog and those who have reached out and confirmed my feeling that breaking my silence was the right thing to do. Although I am not sure how long I will continue to blog, I’m going to keep it up for now. Frankly, it feels good, and I find it to be a relief to be able to tell you the truth the way I see it.

This week, I’m stepping into the lion’s den for my wife. Alexis is one of the kindest, most loving, and authentic friends one could ever have. To see people take her friendship for granted and walk away from it blows my mind. That might sound very biased, but she is my wife after all, and I know what a pure heart she has, and how much emotion and effort she puts into those people she calls her true friends.

It SEEMS this week that Alexis can say nothing right. It made me realize something: Alexis and I don’t deny Christ at all, but some have labeled us as self-righteous, or judge us in a way that is different from everyone else on the show. We never claimed to be better or wiser than anyone else, and we don’t place judgment on others based on their faith. Has anyone else noticed that Alexis has been placed in the “religious” category where she is scrutinized more closely than anyone else on the show?

The way Alexis comes off this week is unfortunate, but it’s also not very fair. Because Alexis is not a fake, she says what’s on her heart and mind—not what she thinks someone wants her to say. Others will say and do a lot to get what they want or to seem “edgy” in the moment. Some are out for money, others for fame, and others just want to be told they are right. None of it is really about fame and fortune, it’s about acceptance at the most basic level.

Having stepped away 18 months ago, it all seems very clear from my point of view. I really wasn’t sure if doing a blog about my thoughts was a good idea, but I also wasn’t sure if disappearing without some explanation was a good idea either. But now I see that giving myself the space to speak freely, I’ve actually truly allowed myself to see there’s a lot going on for the love of money. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy nice things like everyone else, but they don’t define us and they are certainly not our driving force. What drives us is God, family, and friends.

You hear people say all the time that money is the root of all evil. Not so. It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all kinds of evil. Everyday we see someone say or do something to have the competitive edge over someone else. I too have been guilty of this. For what? To stay relevant, to continue making money, or in the case of some, to gain a higher sense of self when the best part of themselves—their true inner self with all its potential—was sitting right there all along!

Whether it’s money or glory you’re after, both are expendable, and both have an exchange rate. HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED THAT AS OUR ECONOMY HAS WORSENED THAT THE EXCHANGE RATE ON OUR INTEGRITY HAS GOTTEN LOWER? We have to ask ourselves, what is the exchange rate on our integrity? On our humility? On our humanity? On our morality? We should all ask ourselves these questions and answer honestly.

Whether it’s cash or another kind of currency is irrelevant. Once you are so consumed by the desire for things and status, the meaning of life washes away like watercolor. Life is meant to be big and vibrant—not always perfect, and not always pure, but bright, full, and meaningful because of what you do for others, how you conduct yourself in both good and bad times, and how you behave in both good company and bad. It’s not up to us to judge, it’s up to us to live as best we can based on what we know—NOT what we have.

In the end when we die, what we saved we had, what we spent we lost, and what we gave we have. All we have left is what we gave.


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Comments on: "All We Have Left Is What We Gave" (39)

  1. RBeavRN said:

    Very insightful :)

  2. Angie Richmond-Emerson said:

    AMEN!! I sincerely wish that there were A LOT more people like you (and Alexis) in the world!!
    I love the Housewives shows but the OC is my fav and Alexis is, hands down my my fav wife!! You couldn’t have said it better when you said she has a huge heart and is real in her words and actions.
    I follow you both on Twitter and I LOVE how she responds to her fans… all reality, it makes me feel special, on the sense she took the time to respond to ME!!
    You are an outstanding husband & father…keep on keeping on doing what you do!!! :)

  3. Jim. I follow your wife on twitter and several times, she’s been so generous to me. She may not remember me, but the last time my husband was in Afghanistan, I was trying to book a room at your hotel for when he returned and it was TOTALLY BOOKED. She messaged me right away when I asked her if there were any rooms, gave me a personal cell number to a manager and told me he would hook us up with a room. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use it because things came up when he returned. My husband just left for his second tour in Afghanistan and his 4th middle eastern tour since 9/11. I tweeted her and asked for some words of encouragement, and she tweeted me right back. While it may not mean much to some people, it means the world to my family that someone who is all over the media and tabloids has the time and compassion to reach out to not just a fan, but as a friend. I love your blog. My husband and I are Christians, and we battle daily with sin and our own struggles. It is such a breath of fresh air to see you and Alexis so open about your faith. Like the Bible states, Matthew 5:10-12
    10 “Happy are those who have been persecuted for righteousness’ sake, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them.
    11 “Happy are YOU when people reproach YOU and persecute YOU and lyingly say every sort of wicked thing against YOU for my sake. 12 Rejoice and leap for joy, since YOUR reward is great in the heavens; for in that way they persecuted the prophets prior to YOU.

    It’s not easy being a Christian. Look at Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin…openly Christian, and people use that against them when it comes to their profession.

  4. TM Johnson said:

    Thank you for speaking to us. I enjoy watching the show, had missed your appearances. As a former faithless resident of the OC (Laguna Niguel, no less!), I appreciate it when I get to witness fellow “real-life” Christians openly living their faith in this world that has come to celebrate and exhalt 15 minutes of fame at any cost. We’re praying for you!

  5. cassandra said:

    Well said Jim. I happen to respect what you and Alexis have. My husband and I are believers too and it does seem that people want to put you in a “religious” category and wait for you to fail. Which we all do- but at least we try! i have a lot of respect for you guys and think it is refreshing to see a couple who is not afraid to stand up for what they believe in even if it makes them take a lot of heat for it! I watch the show only for Alexis! :)

  6. I agree with you Jim 1000% (yes I meant a thousand). The “Peggy” issue has to be put to rest once in for all, it was all said and done per se a million years ago ( and I do agree with your wife, that besides you, Peggy also had an “obligation” to tell her, but we won’t go there :o) ). I am very happy to see Alexis take a higher and classier road than some, and not be led into uneccessary drama, and even though I do miss seeing you on the show I am glad you are doing great. Stay strong my friend and god bless you and your family :o)

  7. I’m glad you take the time to blog (vent). You have the right to do so and it helps getting to know both of you better. I think Alexis was fun this episode. I really don’t like it that shes edited/portrayed to be a bimbo. I’m sure she’s not.

  8. shirley said:

    GREAT JOB you two

  9. Shannon said:

    Love this blog… Jim it is obvious that this show is not healthy for you or your family and I know you say Alexis makes her own decisions but please try to encourage her to walk away from it.. Live in private.. It will be healthier for your marriage!!! You are both beautiful Christian people and the lord is all you need… Thou shall have no other Gods before me!

    • I certainly understand what you’re saying Shannon, but it’s not all black and white, and the show has been very good for Alexis in many ways. I won’t take that away from her. I love your honesty and concern and Alexis has had her heart warmed by all the love from you guys. Thanks.

  10. Ashley said:

    Thank you for sharing this. It is really too bad you are rarely on the show anymore. So many people wish you and Alexis would launch your own reality show.

    From your Ontario Canada Fans!

  11. Everything is not always presented in the order you think Nicole, though I do understand your concern/comment. She was NOT told about Peggy by me BEFORE as per our agreement, but she was told by me AFTER Peggy was chosen for the show. That’s the truth, those are the FACTS. Thanks for your post.

    • Mr. Bellino,

      In my viewpoint, you have expressed a fantastic point, you stated “HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED THAT AS OUR ECONOMY HAS WORSENED THAT THE EXCHANGE RATE ON OUR INTEGRITY HAS GOTTEN LOWER?” Having said, as one who is a Roman Catholic (& I take my Religion very seriously!) I can relate to your opinion in reference to “honesty.” If I am correct, are the fans of the show ACTUALLY thinking that you would just sit back & let Peggy insult ur wife, ur family, urself in NOT telling ur wife the truth…? How easy would it be for Peggy to tell ur beautiful wife that you dated 100 yrs. ago? Please, don’t explain urself anymore. I would not want to be around anyone who did not have God in their life & obviously the chatting is pathetic. Therefore, God Bless you and ur beautiful family and pray for “others” to allow God in their life…there is way too much anger within some of the characters. I am in hopes that you are not offended by any of my comments.


  12. Nikki said:

    Thanks for the great post, Jim. I think this was your best yet. Alexis has been my favorite housewife since her first episode. She seems like the most genuine, kind person, and very smart. Its also nice to get to know you better from your blogs. I kind of think, even if you spoke like this on camera it would never make it to air. You don’t seem to speak from a dramatic blame-game point of view, your words come straight from the heart. And I agree that’s what matters most, after all.

  13. I’m glad Alexis has been on RHOC …you have people praying for your family.
    I don’t know if I’m going to continue watching because it breaks my heart to see people being so cruel…but I’m still a fan of Alexis and love reading both of your posts.
    Honestly, there may be a market for a spin off.
    I’d love to see how God is using you to reach the OC and the world without the drama from gossiping people! It would be so incredible to see you disciple others. I’d love to see how you handle your business in a successful way. I’d love to see how you handle conflicts with Alexis and your kids. I’d love to see how you trust God to meet your needs.
    I’m a wife and every year, I’m getting more comfortable being more and more honest with my husband. Today, we had a four hour long, challenging and incredible conversation to help us get back on the right page.
    I’m a mom with three growing youngest just turned 5! It was so nice to see your family and how Alexis handled the kids.
    I also started a business almost four years ago and it is fun to see another Mom start the process too. It’s pretty amazing how well she is doing. I’d love to see how it impacts the family. I know juggling my kids and biz can have its challenges and incredible freedom.
    May God increase your territory for His Glory! :)

  14. April said:

    Alexis is gorgeous! And her hair is flawless! She’s a keeper :-)

  15. I agree with what you’ve written, well spoken! Alexis is a light on the show and I love watching her! She’s my favorite housewife and it’s about time a real Christian family is shown on tv, not perfect but not self righteous. I think you all are wonderful witnesses!

  16. i did notice on tonights show.alexis is being picked on.when other housewives dicuss much worse or the same thing as alexis it is taken so different.christians some time get hit the hardest.gretchen seems as tho. she is already sideing with tamra over alexis.lex did try for the last 2 seasons to get gretchen and t. together.go back people and watch the shows.tamra just does not want to give alexis credit.i think heather and vicki seem more like lex with the class of not speaking valger.lex our fav.hope when she goes on wwhl andy does not insult her alot.oc girls im sure tamra is his fav.gretchen will be sorry to end her friendship with the only one that stood by her for 2 seasons.g and t friendship seems fake. but i think the show is doing change for ratings.the heather not likeing alexis you could tell that was set up by t.does she call all the shots.if lex which she would never do.the incident with brooks and t. would of been you or lex.o my gosh you 2 would of never heard the end.some housewives get a way with more.alexis has so much confidence she can handle above all other.god bless your family!

    • Jessica said:

      O my gosh u see the same dynamics as I do! But instead I DON’T think Tamra set up Heather to have a problem with Alexis, I think the show did this. The BRAVO introduced Heather to someone who’s not friends with Alexis.

  17. Suzanne said:

    I get so uncomfortable when Tamra talks bad about Alexis. I think your wife is great and Tamra is a bully. I hope what Tamra says to her and about her doesnt hold much weight. I just dont get how people can be so mean. I dont like how the housewives got so mean spirited. I also dont enjoy Andys fueling the fire. Nj housewives was so sad this season. Anyway just venting. All the best to you guys and i’d love to have a friend like Alexis!!

  18. Willow said:

    You must delete any negative posts, as no one has ALL glowing remarks on their blog page. Sorry but when you do things like deleting critical remarks, your credibility is greatly diminished.

    • Not true Willow, go look through the posts on the other blogs and pages of this site. It’s not all sunshine. I do however, have a policy against defamatory language, slurs, and egging on responses by trying to bait me or the other commenters. Thanks for your post and again, I encourage you to look at the other pages to disprove your own theory.

    • melissamarcum said:

      VERYTRue :)

  19. I agree with so many comments, the opportunity in our current economy has opened doors for Alexis, she is under constant attack, by cruel, jealous & basically evil women, she puts her husband & children above else, while others are divorcing & social climbing, so they think, their money will never take root, you have to help others, i have nver seen any of the girls help at Choc’s where children are in such need, if nothing else, to simply show up & read a story, or give their parents a hug, donate toys, such a strong need in OC..,to be so selfsh on spending money, that they very simply do not have, waisting cash on expensive shoes, & handbags which are out f fashion in 6 months. Is very sad, don’t get me wrong, I live well, dress well, drive nice cars, as a 3 rd generation true OC housewife, it is beyond bizarre to me the way Bravo promotes Housewives of OC, we started out as a small rural farming community, as a kid, big money & developers came in before I was born & basically changed the OC, however, 30 yrs ago, OC was a Christian community with hard working families, such as mine, I have lived a blessed life, I would never put myself out there, my husband & I, OC high school sweethearts, do not carry debt, have property not only as investments, & some inheirtred due the back breaking work of our family’s in the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s & so on.., I could not stand to deal with such people, I have never seen any of the women go to the childrens hospital, or any fund raiders to help the people in need, I don’t understand such non sense, At least Jim, you stepped back & are a sounding board, I hope that your wife is a witness of what a family should be! God bless you!
    Monarch Beach CA

    • FarrellJF said:

      I agree with so much of your comment although it IS possible that some criticisms toward Alexis and the other women are relevant and have nothing to do with jealousy, cruelty or hate. These people CHOSE to put themsleves and their lives out there for all the world to see so it’s expected that not everyone will agree with all their choices. I agree, I would never subject myself or my family to this but I support the rights of others to do so. I have to say I don’t understand how these women can be so self-involved. The constant need to concentrate on ones outward appearance is superficial, imo. Not saying I don’t take care of myself but they take it to another level. I can’t respect a person who spends the greater part of their lives concerned with work-out, hair, mani, pedi, clothes, etc. I wish they could see how they appear to the rest of the world. And just because they live in an area that they feel the pressure to do this, it doesn’t mean they have to. It’s possible to disregard the greater superficial population and choose to not let them dictate our lives. Just my opinion.


  20. Jessica said:

    I do think Christian’s are scrutinized more closely than anyone else on the show! When Heather talks about the things she has I saw everyone’s faces and none where smiling. Everyone’s jealous. But probably only Alexis interview comment on Heather where on tv. I’m sure everyone is jealous tho but their comment is not aired on tv as much as Alexis!
    Just stay blameless as much as u can as Jesus was.

  21. Jim, this was simply brilliant. You really found the heart of the matter. I can’t imagine how tough it must be to see you and your loved one EDITED into a certain profile on national television. It’s obvious from your writing that you have a deep and TRUE conviction about the things that matter most to you. I hope you continue to blog every week. You are an inspiration to many of us.

  22. Debbie Wagy said:

    My husband and I have walked and are walking through “friends” either taking from us and then smearing us all over the church or hating on us because of our successes. We were once told by a precious man of God, that if someone who claims to be your “friend” is not your “fan”, they aren’t your friend. A friend should rejoice in your successes and stand with you in your trials. The way some of these women treat you and Alexis is disgusting and they certainly don’t seem to be your “fan”! You guys have great heads on your shoulders and in the end you will rise above the pettiness. Bless you and your family as you walk through this! May it draw you closer and stronger!


  23. Lindsay said:

    I got about 3 or 4 paragraphs in and remembered I have to finish my paper! I just wanted to weigh in on your thought about Alexis being judged more harshley because she is a Christian. I will say that there is a responsibilty that comes along with sharing with the world that you are a Christian. People who are Christians make mistakes like everyone else, but they live by certain rules and regulations that come with the religion. Alexis is a descent enough person, but she says bad things about others, judges others and is extremely materialistic. These are things that Christians don’t normaly exude. The other woman talk about the same stuff, but they do not claim thier faith like Alexis does. I commend her for acknowleding her Christianity! She should welcome the extra scrutiny, and try to act more like a Christian. She is one of the most beautiful women, and it shows that she puts a lot of effort into how she looks and her general success, but I dont see the same amount of effort when trying to be Christian-like. And that whole Peggy thing…..that was her only pathetic leg to stand on I think…..I think most of us fans are over it!! :)

    • Lindsay,

      I think Christianity has cultural norms and we need to do what we believe honors God. I have an issue with the phrase “acting Christian.”

      If I lived by a beach I may wear a bikini to church whereas if I lived in eastern Turkey, I’d wear a scarf to cover my head when I go out and I wouldn’t look a man in the eyes. 2000 years ago, Paul wrote to a culture that couldn’t even go out without a head covering. In America, most people see that was a cultural direction and not a timeless truth. Does this mean we are now not acting Christian? I believe we have to each do what we believe or it is counted as sin.

      At times, since I still live in the Midwest, I’m shocked that some of the clothes I see aren’t as modest my Christian friends wear here. Like the incredibly low bikini…but I trust God is helping Alexis surrender every decision over to Him…and I won’t judge Alexis for her choice.

      I agree that she gets more critism and that comes with the territory. I’m glad you see that she needs to rejoice in it.

      If we had cameras in our face and editors just looking for when we’d fail, I think we wouldn’t look much different, even though we repent and mend relationships. I can think of conversations I’ve had with my husband about a person that I love and how they really annoy me at times. If the person would see that moment, they might think I’m judgemental and harsh and not very Christian like. In my heart, I may have forgiven the person and even asked God to change the way I view the person..but no camera would have captured that. You can’t expect a person to be perfect at all times, that would be such a life of striving for approval instead of living in God’s grace.

      I don’t see how she is materialistic. I don’t see that she puts her value in what she has. I believe she knows she is incredible because God created her, not in her amazing apperance, wonderful family and beautiful home and clothes.

      Alexis and Jim, I’m praying for your family. May He be glorified through you. And may God be strong in your weakness.

  24. Francine said:

    I think you ought to continue blogging. None of the other guys have the stones to do it. We in the UK are fans as well Jim. Alexis is well liked here as are you. Your writing is clear and your points are made. I think you’ve opened many eyes with your thoughts and your sort of insider perspective. Cheers to you and your family. Keep up the good work.

  25. Kelly Sexton said:


    I have to be honest with you. After reading several of your blog posts, I have a completely different opinion of you—in a good way. It just goes to show you that AGAIN people need to be reminded that reality TV is only showing a fraction or a portion of a person’s life…even at that level, the overall impression can be so distorted due to editing or even getting caught in a bad moment. We all have them.

    With that being said, I would have never guessed in a million years, the above words to be yours. On the show, you are portrayed a different way, all in a matter of what, 5 minutes? You were rarely on the show and it is not fair to judge someone without having the full picture. I myself am guilty of misjudging. People need to keep this in mind.

    In regards to your recent blog, I want to thank you for choosing to spend your time writing insightful, inspiring and encouraging words. Being in such a sticky situation with the whole Alexis/Peggy thing, and consistently being talked about behind your back…you could have easily done the opposite, and chose to SPEND this time attacking others or writing hateful things. Instead, you chose the opposite—and that—is a true man of God.

  26. Sharon said:

    I’m so happy to see one of you men finally sticking up for yourselves! F*** the haters! Bravo editing is a serious issue it’s not bullshit and if you’ll notice he hasn’t brought it up on this blog once I’m sure because he can’t because if he did Bravo would have him obliterated from the earth lol. Stand strong Jim you have more fans that you think!

  27. ALB269 said:

    You are SOOOO right about people judging you guys more b/c you two decided to stand up for your faith. You didnt have to but its who you are and I think its FABULOUS! With all the junk and trash on tv, its nice to see a family that is SUCCESSFUL spiritually, financially (yes TAMERA financially successful, unlike you who moved right on to Eddy & dropped Simon as soon as he hit financial trouble-oops sorry!) and who are willing to fight for the real things that matter! I think its hilarious that the woman on the show are SO judgmental of you two yet they are the ones who are the most MISERABLE & who’s marriages have fallen apart. Plus you havent been on the show yet they continue to try to tear you down and I truly believe its bc they want what you guys have & what they dont realize is that its God that you have in your life! Oh and I hope Micah is proud of his wife for talking about your past relationship! Did she not realize that it wouldnt only hurt Alexis but also her own family-looks like it back fired!! Last thing people need to understand: IT HAPPENED 15 YEARS AGO, GET OVER IT!!!!!!

  28. Marsha said:

    As a fellow Christian it is easy for me to see how Alexis is held to a higher standard than the rest of the girls. I don’t know why people think that when you accept Christ into your life your saying you are better than everyone else. It’s just the opposite…it’s admitting that we are sinners and there is nothing good about us apart from Jesus! I just want to encourage both of you to keep focused on Christ and not to get caught up in the “worlds” views.

  29. karen said:

    Great message. It’s been interesting watching the Orange County Housewives as it seems most of them have been greatly affected by our economic situation. It’s a great lesson in learning to live within your means (or at least trying to) and how your life is an illusion if everything you have is bought on credit.

    I think our religious beliefs should be a private thing. I don’t mind hearing about God or Jesus by a believer, but I don’t want to hear about it all the time by people whose desire it is to pull you over to their “team.” It’s the “you must believe what I believe” mentality that makes me run in the other direction.

    And the people who come here to judge you or Alexis or anyone have missed the entire point of spirituality. Or those people who say they don’t want to be around people who don’t have God in their lives (the comment above), well, again, not very Godly behavior. We’re here to love and to discover that we are united–not to be hateful or dismissive of someone whose beliefs differ from our own. It’s frustrating living in a world where people do not really get the meaning of this life on earth. It’s about love and offering up love to everyone–not this bickering and pulling apart of one another.

  30. MyVoice said:

    I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of either you or Alexis when the show began. You have to admit if you watched the beginning episodes Alexis came off as being very judgemental and materialistic. I know you said you dont want to rehash the fact that you and Peggy slept together but Alexis makes it clear that Peggy was the one who told her and not you. She’s mad at Peggy because she says Peggy should have told her sooner . Those are her words, not the exact words but pretty much what she said. I think as a man and husband you should take responsibility for that whole thing. I do not believe for one second that you told Alexis prior to filming about you and Peggy. But it was 15 years ago and you wasn’t with Alexis. You could see the hurt in Alexis face when she found out and for that I blame you.

    I think watching herself on the show has humbled Alexis and I love her making the changes she has made especially for standing up for herself. I noticed knowone really messes with her anymore and that’s cool because there are a lot of strong personalities on that show. I have to say i saw the real Alexis on her facebook page and the fact that she responds to her fans shows that she is a caring person . A lot of the cast doesn’t respond to their fans. They post but don’t respond. Not only is Alexis beautiful she seems like a great person, a caring person and a great mom. You are definately blessed to have her in your life.

    Peggy has issues and she really showed it in her last episode. There was no need for her to bring up the fact that you are being investigated by the FBI and the other crap she said especially if she is trying to be friends with someone. I agree with Alexis, if Peggy wanted to pursue their friendship she wouldn’t have waited four months while being on camera to chase after her in the limo to try to make amends. Im glad she left the show. How old is her child like 20 and she’s still going through post pardom depression lol..i mean really.

    I give anyone who does reality shows a lot of credit. I don’t think i could put my life on tv to be judged and scrutinized by everyone in america and it has to bother you or you would not feel the need to blog about what is not right. It shows that you are human and for that i give you much props. I wish the best to you and your wife and children. Keep blogging Jim, I actually like it. Your very real. Definately a different person then the Jim on television.

  31. Shannon said:

    Can’t wait to read your blog this week, I am looking forward to it… You are so insightful and it’s refreshing!! Keep your chin up!!

  32. I’m really glad I found your blog. It has made some things clear for me. I’ve been struggling as to whether to continue watching any of the “housewives” programs. They have become so blatantly anti everything I believe in. By watching these programs I feel that I am being beat down and desensitized little by little to things I know are wrong because I am watching them and letting them come into my mind and my home. This is not the atmosphere I want in my heart or my home. My son is having a crisis with his faith and I think that so much of what is on television helps to erode and confuse ones faith. This season with Vicki and her “new boyfriend”, Tamra and Eddie, Gretchen living with Slade, is all so glamorized and we mutely accept these things by watching them regularly on TV. There are so many other things that I won’t mention but they are all called “sin” in the Bible. Although I like Alexis very much I think she should get out of this mire before its tentacles start wrapping itself around your family. There are so many other venues available for her to get involved in. Things that build up and honor God. I know doors would open for her. She just needs to search it out until she finds the right one. These shows should not be called “Reality” shows because they are about as “real” as the man in the moon. Enough said. Thank you for giving us a forum where we can honestly communicate what we feel. I appreciate your setting the record straight.

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