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When it comes to reality TV, some might say it seems staged, unreal, and scripted. Well, I can tell you, there’s nothing scripted about finding out what people think about you when you watch a new episode for the first time.

The major difference between real life and reality TV is that in real life, what someone thinks about you either never gets back to you, or it takes a while—it’s part of a social process that takes time and many leaky sources. On reality TV, you find out fast—and it’s brutal, and there are no holds barred.

It must be something about sitting in front of that camera alone that makes people feel safe, seemingly disregarding year after year that what they say there is not private, and in fact, what they say in these confessional type interviews is largely what drives most of the storyline for viewers. As you watch these individual moments, imagine what it would be like if you could watch a reel of the people in your own life in the same format. What would they be saying about you? Would you care? Would it matter? Would they be doing it just to hurt you, or is there a common theme among them that might suggest you have some things to work on?

No matter what, whether there’s ever a confessional about you, don’t you want your friends to be truthful to your face, and loyal to the end? Being truthful is part of being loyal, but being loyal means standing by your friends through thick and thin. Loyalty means many things to many people, but to most, it is at least in part about being the kind of person whose love of friends and family does not change no matter what else in life does change. With or without money or fame, and with or without status and “hip factor,” loyalty should always be there. Loyalty is not meant to be an afterthought, but the tool that navigates us through stormy seas. If you’re loyal, alliances are obvious, and choices become very easy to make.

How I am portrayed this week is a great example of how easy it is for opinions and loyalties to be changed. Many may think I had a good episode because they see me praying for my wife and spending time with my children—not a bad depiction at all. But what will the flip-floppers think of me next week when I’m not there, or if for example, they see me tell my wife she’s talking too loud without seeing us laughing about it later? The fact is, Alexis’ hearing was affected by having the twins, and she has asked me let her know when she is talking too loud. But you won’t hear anything about that unless you’re reading my blog.

Many viewers have been conditioned to accept what they see on TV as reality, as it occurred; it’s a little sad and kind of scary to me how easily some viewers will just accept the subtly hidden opinion—don’t be fooled, the camera itself is a character on this show, and it has its agenda and is often a narrator as well. Loyalties become extra fickle when there’s a third party helping viewers decide what to think.

How people on reality TV treat one another changes every episode. How can this be? Even the most fair-weather friends I have had didn’t change their opinions and feelings that often in real life. How cast mates regard each other in their private interviews changes more than the weather—and what’s worse, some of the audience watching the show changes their opinion of someone based on what their favorite cast mate on the show says.

From one week to the next, the audience loves you, hates you, then loves you again—it’s a merry-go-round, but the nauseating part is how easily some change their opinions of people they don’t even know based on tidbits of secondhand opinions from a third party. Where is the loyalty—both on the show and in life? I understand that this is meant for entertainment, but when I read tweets about reality TV personalities, some of the criticism is so sharp and hateful is boggles the mind.

Imagine, a mother of two from Wisconsin tweeting, “You’re a loser I hate you, you should kill yourself” Then, two weeks later, the same person tweeting about the same celebrity tweets, “Loved your makeup this episode! where’d you get that lipgloss? Plz follow me I’m a fan!” What was it that got under her skin so deeply that she became motivated enough to say something so incredibly awful? Then she pivots faster than a weathervane in a tornado—what the heck is this based on? If people in your life are this fickle, get rid of them. There’s no time to try and figure out why you can’t please 2% of people—so focus on the 98% you can and worry about them. I for one am not naïve enough to believe people aren’t talking negatively about me, but I also know there’s no percentage in lending too much credence to the opinions of people who have never met me, and never will.

I’ve greatly appreciated the wonderful comments people have made about getting to know me through this blog–all of the constructive comments and compliments I have gotten have been enlightening and heartwarming. But it’s funny how a few of the comments seem like double-edged swords. Some comments have said, wow, I hated Jim, thought he was a loser, I believed what other people said about him, and now I love Jim! Faithful fans of the show can now see the real me, and it’s been a reality check for us both.

For the first time ever, I decided to put myself on display for anyone who would like to read this blog. Before that, I should have been a mystery, not someone anybody hated—think about the reasons people hated me: Because they BELIEVED INFORMATION FROM TV OR THE INTERNET WITHOUT VETTING IT. It wasn’t because any of the viewers had dealt with me personally and had a bad experience with me. Instead, many people didn’t like me because of how I looked on the show from one week to the next. This is testimony to how fans are driven from one side to another based on where they feel their loyalties should lie. The truth is, as I have stated in previous blogs, many of the people on reality TV have allegiance to one thing: MONEY—their judgment is based on that loyalty, but it doesn’t mean viewers has to be too.

So while I am ever grateful that I’ve gained new fans, it makes me wonder—if I were to stop blogging and go back to filming more, would opinions of me waffle right back to where they were? My thought is that we should not judge someone week-by-week or episode-by-episode, but by the content of their character that has been revealed consistently over a long period of time.

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy skepticism when it comes to believing what we see on TV and read on the Internet. Don’t buy into the latest hate fest—or hug fest either. Sometimes there’s no way for any of us to know what’s going on in the hearts and minds of others, but I think it’s safe to say that swapping allies midstream and shifting your nationally-known opinion of a former friend is a sign priorities may not be where they should be.

Loyalty is nine-tenths of the law—Alexis and I are not interested in bandwagon friends, and you shouldn’t be either.

Just keepin’ it real,


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Comments on: "Loyalty is Nine-Tenths of the Law" (50)

  1. I just want to comment that when I wrote a blog about my daughter’s death and tweeted some celebrities (including Alexis) asking them to retweet to promote my blog to my fellow bereaved parents, Alexis was among one of the very few who not only did so, but took the time out to personally tweet me and offer her my condolences. She’s such a beautiful, compassionate woman both inside and out and I appreciate her kind words. Always a fan!

  2. Katie Brown said:

    I think you guys are great . ! You both seem very down to earth . Your kids are also adorable . With or without the show you guys are great .

  3. Tamara Kay said:

    I’m glad you have started this blog, Jim. I am one of those RHW viewers who thought you were just a grade A (expletive). I am so happy to see that you really aren’t the way you were portrayed. What I wonder, though, is why you allowed yourself to be continually portrayed as the overbearing, bossy, controlling man you were? Was that image initially appealing to you? You let it go for a long time in TV land before trying to set the record straight. Regardless, I like reading your blog, as you definitely show a more compassionate and friendly side of yourself.

    • Tamara, it’s not a way I “allowed” as you say, to have myself be portrayed. It’s not a choice you make, it’s someone else’s choice. Of course that image was never appealing to me. I did chose to stay quiet for a while, but let me ask you this: How many others do you know who have finally started to open up about mistreatment of their image? Not many. I am a compassionate and friendly person–that’s the real me. As I stated in the blog, some of these comments are like double-edged swords. Thanks for reading.

  4. i see what you mean in the comments jim. ppl seem to buy anything they are sold. dont b discouraged n tell lex to stay strong

  5. Marta said:

    What a LOVELY couple you are and I love youre sign off signature Just Keeping It Real! So much truth here I cannot believe how awesome your writing is too!

  6. lesterjester said:

    Always a pleasure Jim. Keep it up brother.

  7. I just want to tell you that I think that Alexis is a beautiful, Christian woman & I liked her from day one. She is the same in tonights episode, as she was on the very first show. She represents Christians well by not being ashamed of her faith, by not being mean to the other women and by backing her actions with the word of God. Tamra is just mean & I feel like she slaps me in the face personally, every time she mocks your religion, because it is also my faith! I was so moved when you prayed over Alexis before her surgery, I can tell it is sincere and not just for show. The best of luck to you and your beautiful family, thank you for showing that we as Christians are not perfect, but are saved by grace. God bless!

  8. BarBarElla said:

    You make a great point about what it would be like to have others do a confessional interview and then have to watch it. My god I would never be able to take it. I feel I am a good person now, but that hasn’t always been that way. I know people will judge me forever based on who they knew I was back when I was into bad things that I am not in to now. So maybe I will never get a chance again but that is no excuse to go back to being a heartless person like I was. Your words have been inspirational to me Jim and I wanted to let you know your words have touched me maybe even kept me on the straight and narrow. So remember you are doing good at the end of the day no matter how many people say shitty things. You are doing right by your wife and never mind the rest.

  9. Matthew Maydell said:

    Honestly I don’t know how you hold back. Great writing but I’d be throwin fists. You seriously are a man of god.

  10. loretalla said:

    I’m on the Bellino bandwagon. It’s always been obvious to me that you are genuinely good people. When Lynne’s husband went broke you were the first to reach out & invite him to your church. You did the same for Simon when he split with Tamra. You have the most loving, adoring & faithful wife. It’s obvious you make her very happy.
    Reality shows thrive on drama. If it’s not there they have to create it. If everyone sat around drinking tea & talking about how lovely the weather is, the show would be axed! lol It’s all about ratings.

  11. Goshen said:

    tonight’s episode was so intense. agree that loyalty needs to be checked. Never seen anything like this on any of the franchises….

  12. Way to go on not being at this stupid party invited or not. What a crap storm! Love the blog keep it goin

  13. FLfan said:

    I enjoyed this blog very much. Jim makes great points about the merry-go-round of being loved and hated over and over. I see this in real life too (I also live in OC) and think it is disgusting. It really isn’t like on the show but people will turn on you here fast. I am not a native so it was a shock to my system at first. I watch Alexis and feel bad because I know what it’s like to have friends I have made here that sold me out as soon as they saw how it could be an advantage for them.

    Good luck to you both. One last thing too, I’d really like to hear you get into some real behind the scenes stuff and it seems like you’re shying away from naming names. I think that’s respectful but I think some points might be getting lost. Just wanted to add that.

    A True Fan From FL

    • I agree with this. Jim, I know that you’re trying to “take the high road” or whatever, but sometimes, in the interest of making us viewers understand you better, it might help if you were a little more specific as to who you are talking about in your blog entries.

  14. Suzanne said:

    Even before your blog I always felt you were unfairly judged. I cannot stand the evil comments being made toward you or your wife. I hope Alexis knows that Gretchen etc. are not her true friends. It is ridicules. All the best to you and your family. i always say Man’s rejection is God ‘s protection. It is a good thing these ladies are showing their true colors–Alexis can run the other way!

  15. Jordan said:

    So true about the way people tweet it’s like they have multiple personality disorder. So freaky.

  16. JIM I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS! ” Don’t buy into the latest hate fest—or hug fest” FUNNY CUZ ITS TRUE! ARE ANY OF THESE RELATIONSHIPS REAL????

  17. Vivian said:

    I don’t understand why you’d want to be on a reality show if, after editing, you are portrayed in a way that is not the “real” you. Too bad you have to post a blog to get the “real” story.

    Also, I’m curious if you are an ordained pastor or have some kind of authority to pronounce a blessing on your wife. Or was that simply a prayer you gave out loud as she was getting ready for her nose job?

    • I am speechless at the second portion of your comment. Ordained pastor??? If you are a christian, prayer is a responsibilty and a priviledge. God has given us power to speak words and see things happen. No one has to ordain anyone for him to be able to pray for his family. It is what he should do as a husband, father, friend; it is what he should do as a christian, period.

      Keep up the good work Jim. The hatefest is unfortunate.

      • Gina Mollo-DeLuca said:

        Well said Kiki! I guess ignorance is bliss in Vivian’s world. She should take a lesson from it rather than make pretentious comments. Or maybe it wasn’t pretentious and she just hasn’t a clue.

        To Vivian: You do know that we actually become independent from England over 200 years ago and no longer need anyone to be our go-between to God, right?? That mini lesson in American History hopefully helps clear up any confusion you had from the show last night.

    • Barbara said:

      Vivian, He has a right to free expression under the constitution, and reality shows are edited for shock value. Who cares if he is ordained, if he wants to pray with his wife that is his business.

  18. Michelle said:


    I always have liked Alexis and yourself, based on a reality show, (that sounds strange:)). She has responded back to my tweets in the past and is a very caring and compassionate person, not to mention, we are from the Show-Me state!

    Your blog speaks fluently on how the publlic treats any celebrity, whether reality or not. People do not think, of how hard it must be to listen/read the verbal abuse and the toll it takes on oneself. Those kind of “fans” are the “fair-weathered” kind and self-absorbed. You are right in saying you have to let the 2% go. As a business owner, I know there are some customers that I cannot please. I have to let them go and remember all of the great ones that support me. It is hard to let them go, but I know I must for my own sanity:) My girlfriends and I talked the other day, about how we can not believe all of these women treating each other, so nasty. We would never treat anyone like that, old or new, friends. Deep down there is not any loyalty, as you state. If you cannot say it to one’s face, you shouldn’t say it at all.

    There is one thing that will always set the both of you, from the rest. That is being a christian. We will always feel the heat of the outsiders, as they try to weigh us down, casting judgement. If, you never announced your faith, the microscope on that subject would be directed to something else. To many people want to hate and not rejoice, especially when it comes to God! Our God is Great! Great job on the blog! Keep doing what you are doing!

    Mark 13:13
    Everyone will hate you because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.


  19. You have put yourself in this situation willingly. I get what you’re saying but it was your choice to be on a reality show. You are being betrayed in bad light?! Shocker!! Everyone is saying horrible things about each other?! Wow didn’t see that coming! The producers need a juicy show so people watch and they make money. You know this. Why act so surprised by other people’s actions. You knew what this industry was like.You have both decided to continue to be a part of the show. What other reason would you put up with any of it if it wasn’t for money. You get publicity and plug your companies. I’m sure you are both very nice people, but I don’t think you have any room to talk. If you participate then you are just as bad as the rest of them. Get a grip,man!

    • I hear what you’re saying Nina, but it seems like you may have missed the WHOLE point of this blog entry: Whether I have a good week or a bad week, or anyone has a good week or bad week on any show, people ought to stop the merry-go-round. The “I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you” thing has gotten out of hand, and I imagine it’s only going to get more severe as the show goes on.

      • No, Nina didn’t miss the point at all. You are choosing to ignore her comment which is the truth. Realizing this will set you free of all the stress this has caused your lives.

        • Thank you, Jon!
          I understood the blog. Jim, you apparently didn’t understand my WHOLE comment.

    • Gina Mollo-DeLuca said:

      They don’t participate in the merry go round. I can’t think of an instance where Alexis has said anything behind anyone’s back that she hadn’t said to their faces, can you? Alexis (and Jim) are clearly NOT like the other folks on this show.

  20. jim as we hate to see one person bullyed in the group.i think lex is a strong enough woman to handle it.i hope she and vicki and you and brooks get to know each other this season.alexis did always have gretchens back.people just watch season 4 and 5.i have never changed my mine about alexis.she has been our fav. since the first season she started.season 5. we are christians and i could tell in the beggining who was the real deal.i have said before she is why i watch.a few of these women could not stand alone like tamra.she does not have as much confidence as lex.some people want every body around to like them for the wrong reasons.they want to have the most votes or have the show be all about them.alexis is the same all the time that is why we choose her as are fav wife.god bless you and your family.

  21. hip mommy said:

    this show has always been so catty but tonight was new level crazy cat fight. always loved Viki and hope she stays strong.

  22. Girl from MO said:

    I was surprised to hear that Alexis had hearing problems after having the twins. I too had some hearing problems after giving birth and I honesty thought it was all in my head or I was just losing my mind. Glad to know I’m not the only one out there. My husband and I laugh too when I’ve been in places and am talking too loud. We started using the word muskrat like in the movie Meet the Fockers—just to lighten the situation. God Bless you and your family.

  23. I have a crazy idea- why not remove yourselves from this show? Haven’t you noticed being on tv, especially a reality show, airs out one’s dirty laundry?! You both believe all of this drama, the criticism and “lies” are worth the fame.
    Solution- get off the show.

  24. robin f said:

    Seems like you only post positive responses. I say they only use what YOU gave them. You acted a certain way NO ONE made you act that way. Own it.

  25. Dear Jim,
    I think you blog is a great view into what life is like living in a reality show, and agree it is totally driven by money. No one is going to watch if it isn’t exciting and catty and all of the things in life that we can’t do to each other in the real world. One is I would never hang out with people that didn’t like me, but that’s the scene that works, arguing, fighting, everyone sad, yadayada. Don’t forget your audience is most likely wife’s and mom’s that have no excitement in there life and are living in say, Idaho, so I wouldn’t get too personal about a tweet that says for example,”I can’t believe Alexis said that”, and then next week fb “I love Alexis”. Five minutes after the show, another show comes on, and RHOOC is forgotten, its TV. I would say that someone who said “I hate you, go kill yourself”, is a very sad person, venting somewhere she can, she could be a abused kid, someone poor, a widow of a veteran, living a life far from OC. Don’t take it too personal. Again I like your blog, it shows us into your life on reality tv, don’t get too paranoid, I mean seriously did you see Vicky’s hair last night????

  26. Jeannie said:

    Well said

  27. Barbara said:

    Hi Jim,

    I am very happy that you decided to write this blog. I have always liked you and Alexis from the start. Luckily I was able to see through some of the misrepresentations of TV land. I think you got a bad edit and it’s wonderful that you and Alexis are the only two that are decent and righteous on this show. I was very diappointed in Gretchen on this episode. The tide is turning with regard to the two of you and you can see one of the blogs I follow – Lynn n Chicago (she recently interviewed Alexis). One of my friends stopped and said hello to you in a restaurant in NY and said the two of you were the nicest people and she had an opportunity to observe you while having brunch. I am babbling but wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog; it is well written and very insightful!

    All my best,

  28. I like Jim. I like Alexis. I can tell the cameras have a way of working their magic to portray the drama that they want one TV. Bravos editing is horrendous. My wife got me watching the show, kind of our way of spending time together after long busy days. I think you and your family are awesome, and can see your personalities sneak through on TVs. This season too much they are trying to portray Alexis as the dits, but the past 2 seasons Alexis was portrayed much different. Any who I dont even know the purpose of this post lol, except to say I enjoy when Jim is on the show, he reminds me a bit of me. Alexis acts like my wife, a straight shooter who puts family first. Thats about it.

  29. Erica Brent said:

    I’m new to watching the show and I have to say from the beginning I loved you and Alexis. I think people give y’all so much negativity because at the end of the day they can’t find happiness whether it be with themselves or anyone else! Your family is beautiful and the two of you seem very devoted to eachother. So who cares about everyone else because, while they would never admit it, they just want what you have!

  30. Sura Jones said:

    Thanks for writing this blog, as a viewer and fan of RHOC and Alexis, I appreciate learning your view point. And I have to agree with you….completely. I wondered the same thing…where is the loyalty? I often feel Alexis is treated unfairly by her fellow castmates because of her appearance, her faith, and her marriage. Is it jealousy? Or some other negative emotions? But Alexis should be proud of herself, she always handles herself very well. I hope you do decide to film more, I think this show can still provide a platform from which you and Alexis can show and teach the world a more positive side. Many Blessings to you and your family!

  31. Gina Mollo-DeLuca said:

    Jim–another great blog! I love the “…pivots faster than a weathervane in a tornado..” –I might have to steal that sometime!

    There is no doubt that both you and your wife have been the target of endless mean comments, accusations, and lies. Why I admire you both so much is because through it all you have never stepped down to their level. As much as I’m certain it has brought countless tears, you have always leaned on each other for support instead of treating them the same way.

    I don’t know why or understand why Alexis’ kindness is met with such hostility–it boggles my mind that everyone wouldn’t want to have an Alexis in their life? They are clearly missing out on having a true friend that will always be there for them.

    Thank you to you and Alexis for being a TRUE EXAMPLE of how to be when it seems like everyone has come against you.

  32. I’m not one to usually respond to anything. Im one that reads and move on. I have watched the show since season 2 and always take it as what it’s worth. People making a show I enjoy seeing that people are people no matter what the status. I believe there is not much loyalty left in this world. Most people are in it for themselves. I was raised in the deep south and try to always do the right thing to people. I’m taken advantage of often for that. I still continue to do it despite those who take advantage of me and only hope one day I will meet someone that appreciates it. So yes continue your journey and just smile and say if that is how you feel than I accept it and move on. Rewards will be given to you in due time. My mother always says life has a way of testing you and the people in your life. It’s not how they do it’s how you do.

  33. Jim, I am so happy that you are blogging. The views that you are sharing here are the same ones I have felt for so long, especially regarding The Real Housewives. I hate to admit that I always have a Favorite. One every season I do. It has always been a person that I feel gets mishandled and poorly treated by the audience and cast mates. The rule was Bethenny, Alex and Teresa. The exception was Alexis and Lisa Vanderpump. Even though Lex and Lisa were ganged up on, set up, and altogether ambushed at times; their class is what made me such a huge fan! I always feel when it comes to these two ladies that the truth about their character is so obvious that it is so hard to understand why they are misjudged so often. I knew all along that you and she were a great couple. Not because of what I judged from stolen moments filmed. But because Alexis said so. Alexis is a woman that is strong in her convictions and I think if the woman is happy then that is that. I commented to her on facebook last year sometime that having your marriage shown for us all to see was inspiring to me. There is nothing wrong with being openly devoted to your husband. This is NOT weakness. This is the epitome of strength. I began celebrating my own husband more when I began watching her. I adore Alexis and your family. You are doing a brave and courageous thing by being so open about Christianity in these hate filled times. I commend you both for that and pray that you will reach many people on this platform the same way that you both touched my family. If I am correctly reading between the lines here; I would guess that you are both seeing your castmates as fickle as I do. Especially, “The Princess” and the Shrew. There is some kind of publicity plot going on there. It should be obvious to everyone. Forgiveness is great. But it shouldn’t cost you friends. If it does, then there is something else going on there. I have always seen Alexis as supportive of her friends. If you pay attention, it is in her blogs. It is her actions. Last year when Gretchen freaked out over being called a Princess, it was obvious to me at least that Gretchen doesn’t like for her people to say ANYTHING against her but she is fine in doing the same. Especially against her own man. I think Gretchen has a lot to learn from Alexis. In public and amongst friends, never speak against your man. Because if you do, it leaves room for others too also.

  34. Maggie said:

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for continuing to write.

    I have had mixed feelings about Alexis as I watch her on the show. I do think she is a good person and it seems she honestly tries to do the right thing. At the same time, she seems to struggle with insecurity at times (don’t we all) that manifests itself as jealousy or major defensiveness. That said, I really respect that Alexis owns what she says and isn’t afraid to voice an opinion that goes against the grain of the group. I felt terrible at how she was treated at the bunco party and think her feelings and thoughts were right on.

    As a side note, I find it ironic that certain women who consider themselves to be oh-so-above-it-all are willing to immediately attack Alexis’ intelligence and “breeding.” If that sort of behavior & condescension isn’t low-class and doesn’t speak to tackiness, then I don’t know what does.

  35. Question please answer b/c I am confused. said:

    I’m so confused. You said you weren’t going to be on camera anymore? So why was Alexis upset you weren’t at the party?

  36. Question please answer b/c I am confused. said:

    I really don’t think that Heather’s husband knew that they were talking about Alexis. I really don’t. My 2 cents.

  37. Melissa said:

    I think Peggy is disgusting for trying to bring up something that happened years ago between you and her before you and Alexis were ever together. My fiance and I don’t share every little fling or relationship we have had prior to being with one another. It’s in our past and has nothing to do with our current relationship. I think Peggy should be ashamed of herself for trying to bring it up after she got on the show. Clearly she is trying to hurt Alexis because she is extremely jealous of her.

  38. Vivian said:

    Wow, I only asked about him being an ordained pastor because I had heard he was an assistant pastor or something like that at Rick Warren’s congregation.
    Sheesh, that’s why I asked.
    I am a Christian and I certainly believe that people should be able to worship and pray and bless however they choose.
    I think it’s good that the Bellino’s are not afraid to show their beliefs on television. It’s something you don’t see very often on reality TV.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  39. BravoJunkie said:

    Reality shows are known for drama. RHOC is known for drama. Drama creates ratings. Ratings drive revenue. It’s a very simple calculation…

    Alexis wanted to be on THIS show. I hope that you will chose to post my comments, and answer my questions. Why did she join the RHOC knowing that her cast mates are known for backstabbing, bad mouthing, talking about each other behind their backs, drinking too much, and hardly ever displaying lady like behavior? Please do not say that she didn’t watch the show or that no one was misbehaving prior to her joining.

    Others have asked you why Alexis doesn’t leave the show. You reply that she is her own person, and you won’t tell her to leave. However, each week you write a blog that could be perceived as negative from the very show that employs her. Aren’t you worried that your weekly commentary could jeopardize her status as a real housewife?

    In closing, I’d really like to be able to check back in a day or two, and see my comments posted…

    • Wow where do I begin. Yes, Alexis watched the show before joining the cast. We do not agree on some things and that my friend is what they call “being married.” No I am not worried that my blog could jeopardize her being on the show. If you don’t know this by now then you will after this post: I do what I believe is right and Alexis does what she feels is right. We are both ok with this. I hope this clears things up for you.

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