Putting an End to Tamra Judge’s Bullying

Putting an End to Tamra Judge’s Bullying

After many months, I am finally breaking my silence.

It’s unfortunate that I have to speak out on matters that I have attempted to keep private, and that others continue to attempt to portray me and my family in a false light. These past few months have been a very difficult time for me and my family. Divorce is never an easy decision to make, and the fact that our three children are affected by the failure and breakdown of the relationship with my wife saddens us both deeply.

First off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our family and friends, who have been there for us during this transition. I would also like to thank my legal team, attorney Geoff Neri and his firm, for their support dealing with the disgusting actions and statements of Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador.  Many questions have been asked. The purpose of this blog post is to state the facts regarding this case and to bring everyone up to speed on what has transpired since.  

My family and I have sadly been the target of slanderous statements made by Tamra Judge that date back to 2011, when she publicly called me a “Faux Christian,” despite the fact that I hold a degree in theology. I find it preposterous for her to make such statements about me when she has chosen to make her supposed Christianity a plotline for a reality show by getting baptized in a swimming pool and then still continuing to act in a debaucherous manner for television. In my opinion, these acts seem to be coming from an extremely fame-hungry individual who is desperate for a storyline and frantically trying to keep her reality TV job by somehow remaining relevant.  

In 2012, completely unprovoked, Tamra Judge called me a “cocaine dealer,” which is ironic, considering I have never in my life taken any illegal substance of any kind. Once again, this was a desperate comment made publicly to harm me personally with zero regard as to how this would affect me, my work, my wife, or our small children.  

These destructive comments seem to be Tamra Judge’s principle weapon of choice to use against whomever she decides to target. She has admitted to making up lies and has targeted her venomous comments toward every single cast member she has ever worked with on The Real Housewives of Orange County. She has publicly used that same vile and venomous commentary on her previous husbands, her children, and fans of the show. In my opinion, she will say and do anything to try and keep her name spinning in the public eye by causing some sort of controversy.

Her harassment and degradation of me continued despite legal warnings to cease and desist; it continued despite pleas asking her to stop and mind her own business, even after it was established that what Tamra was saying about me was having a negative and damaging impact on my family, and my personal and professional life. In addition, all of her deeply harmful words were not merely reserved for viewers of Bravo, as she has made all manner of hate-filled comments about me on social media, on talk radio, and during interviews on other television networks.

In June of 2018, she crossed the line once again, and I felt forced into protecting my family and my reputation by filing a legal action against her and Shannon Beador for their slanderous comments.

After filing for divorce from Alexis on June 21, 2018, which was already the most painful and difficult experience of my life, I learned that there were vicious statements spreading about me, statements made by Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador during a podcast taping of Heather MacDonald’s “Juicy Scoop” podcast. In watching the video footage of the show, recorded in front of a studio audience of over 300 people, it is obvious that this segment was a premeditated setup and attack orchestrated by Heather McDonald and Tamra Judge. Tamra even admits on the video that she and Heather McDonald exchanged numerous text messages discussing me and my family before deciding to make all of that fodder for Heather’s show.   

With a large movie screen image of me and my ex-wife with a tear between us on display behind them, Tamra Judge says to the audience, and this is a direct quote:

Jim Bellino, “He’s going to go to jail. Yeah, he’s a shady motherfucker!”

[Obviously, these statements made by Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Heather MacDonald were lies, which is why I sued them.]

Tamra, Shannon, and Heather decided it would be self-promoting to use my very sad personal family situation for their personal, financial, and celebrity gain. I knew when I heard it that if I didn’t take legal action, there would be no end to their depravity — after taking years of verbal abuse and slander from Judge, this was truly the last straw. This, I knew, would be a defining moment — I chose to react and defend myself. If I were to have retreated, the abuse would have continued on and on as it has for years.

Tamra’s longstanding abuse of the reality TV platform is so disgusting to me. In my opinion, she has used Bravo TV and The Real Housewives of Orange County TV series to get away with all manner of manipulation, bullying, and abuse, all without facing any consequences from Bravo or her uninformed cult following. 

Tamra, using the power you wield as a public figure and as woman to try to emasculate and reduce a man for whom you have exhibited nothing but pure, unadulterated contempt is sad and desperate on your part. I am a  Christian father who was clearly devoted to his wife and children. All of this coming from a woman whose own life is nothing if not the portrait of failed marriages and failed child-rearing. 

I hope this blog is helpful in answering the questions that have been asked, and it is also my hope that you, as the reader of this blog, now have a better understanding of my position and the reason I felt it was necessary to bring legal action against Tamra Barney Judge and Shannon Beador. 

In closing, I know many of you feel the same way  I do about Tamra Judge, and some of you have also been victims. I am committed and resolved to stand up for myself and the many others who have been forced to endure Tamra Judge’s malicious attacks for such a long time. It may take years to rehabilitate my reputation, both personally and professionally, and undo the damage done, but I am not going to give up. I will do whatever it takes to clear my name, protect my family, and be vindicated. I wish all of you the best, encourage you not to give in to bullies, and appreciate all the support I have received during these trying times.

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  1. Jim , i’ve been following your story for a long time on social media and in the media . The Torture and abuse from tamra over the years has been so unbelievable. And I cannot imagine how you’ve tried to maintain you’r composure. Glad you’re holding her accountable cuz so many fans are exhausted with her foul mouth and awful attitude! Stay strong &God bless you and your family !

  2. Wow powerful statements here Jim. Honestly I have to say I would be on the side of any person whose had to deal with Tamra Barney. On top of getting a total raw deal on housewives when you were on you have to deal with this crazy nonsense in the after math. Keep your head up knowing alot of people support you and hope this doesn’t have an impact on your children the way I’m sure what your ex is up to on social probably is.

  3. The fact that her own daughter wants nothing to do with her should say it all! That whole show is not a example of a housewife!

  4. My heart breaks reading this. Tamra is everything that is wrong in this world. Thank you for doing what a real man does and stand up to her. You are the first and only person that has ever made her shut up. Tamra has maybe a few more seasons left on Housewives and then she will probably do porn and let her kids promote it on their social media.

  5. I really have no idea why Tamra is still on the show. She’s a complete liability and worse than simply a “mean girl.” She’s the type of person that makes other people contemplate suicide. Sorry you have to endure her, still.

  6. Jim, stay strong in your resolve and know that there are many who support you, and your family. I pray you get justice and those vile women are seen for exactly what they are.
    I remember a strong Christian man from many years ago and I have still much respect for you!
    “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is of the world”

  7. I had to stop watching, because her Tamra is a Fake Christian and makes JESUS’. GRACE to her a laughing stock!

  8. I never could stand Tamara …she is a very low individual. Zero tact and zero respect …not even for herself .she makes herself look like a complete bimbo.Im being polite. She is the reason i gave up on the whole show .

  9. I didn’t care for her since attacking Gretchen at the reunion. And the Jesus Jugs comment to your ex-wife wasn’t funny to me. I wish you luck in this! Seeing what Tamra has the amazing ability to pull off it won’t be an easy fight but seeing she is able to get away with what she has shows me she goes at people not as strong as her. I feel she may have met her match!

  10. Jim it broke my heart that you and Alexis split. But all the stuff said stay strong and keep the faith. No one should deal with her bad mouthing like you I agree in my words she does NOT act Christian her fowl mouth, drinking showing her boobs etc on TV when you have children or not is not Christian or lady like. I hope you win

  11. Keep fighting the good fight JB. Bullies are really cowards, and spanks don’t change their spots. Rooting for your win!

  12. Our behavior everyday is what God judges us on and that is how Tamara will be judged in the end because she has no shame and doesnt care one iota how her behaviour reeks havoc on the lives of those around her. We believe you Jim and we believe in your battle against her. You deserve some peace for once!!!!

  13. Tamra is a vile huma being, all of her heinous behavior is on display on each and every episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The only thing she excels at is embarrassing herself and those around her; much luck on your battle!

  14. So well said.. I always said Hurt people Hurt people.. it’s a shame that she’s this way. She’s not a christan. So fake. The day she threw that glass of wine in Gina’s face made her look like a true bully. My Best wishes to u and ur family. Good and true people win in the end…..

  15. What surprises me is that so few people are able to make the connection between what negative, damaging things Tamra says on TV, or, in this case, on a podcast, and the fact that it has a negative impact on that person’s reputation, and subsequently, their business dealings. In this instance, Jim Bellino was the victim, and as he says, it’s impacting him personally and professionally. It’s not hard to understand that he should stick up for himself in any way possible, including through court if needed be. After what I have seen here in OC myself over the years, I am thrilled to see someone holding Tamra to account for the damage she has done.

  16. Tamra is vile and vicious!! When I watch what she does and hear what she says I see no love in her. She is a Christian on her terms not on Gods.

  17. Tamra will never be Christian and with any luck she will not be on tv for much longer either. She’s a dark spot that fans of the show have to look past. I know that myself and many others have stopped watching RHOOC as a result of her BS.

  18. Out of curiosity I’ve gone to many restaurants and not once have I seen a catfight at a table or bar area. It’s rare to even hear a conversation from the next table. Staged for TV ratings or lots of low class women? Tamara a Christian? Haven’t seen a sign since the Baptism.

  19. I don’t think you should explain yourself. The truth doesn’t need explanation. Just handle it in court and let her character speak for itself on the show.

  20. so many ppl dont get that what Tamra Judge says on TV are things she’s paid to say. she GETS PAID to speak badly about Jim Bellino and many other ppl as well. It’s past disgusting and even more sickening that she would then call herself a Christian. Honey please! Good for you for standing up to her….somebody finally had the balls to do it! stick to your guns, Jim, do NOT GIVE UP!

  21. Hi Jim, that woman is a sad excuse of a human being. She calls herself a Christian but behaves like a demon from hell. You are correct in saying she has cross many people even her so called best friend Vickie.
    She is an attention seeking old lady trying her best to recapture her youth. She is more to be pitied than anything else. Don’t worry about your reputation your friends know the real you.
    Tamra Judge is scum and will get her comeuppance eventually.

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